February 8, 2023

Claudia Rodrigues health update; The actress to undergo treatment TV News

Claudia Rodriguez, 52, was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday (24), daily After being admitted to the Israelita Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo. The actress is at home, in Curitiba, and is preparing to start an experimental treatment “with a new technique for chronic pain of causes not identified in examinations and by medical professionals.”

The information was confirmed by Claudia’s consultant. The comedian had already stayed in the hospital last week, After experiencing a severe headache. She returns to the hospital after the medication fails.

“Family, friends and the team believe that the complement of interactive medicine will bring benefits to Claudia in terms of pain, and after the trial she will give medical cannabis as a treatment,” the statement explained.

Claudia Rodriguez’s friend, Adrienne Bonato is also a licensed professional in hypnosis and will apply the experimental technique to the actress. “Each procedure will be carried out under the supervision of Claudia Rodriguez’s health team and follow-up by other specialists,” the consultation stated.


With multiple sclerosis, Claudia puts up part of her property for sale so she can pay for a high-value treatment in December. This procedure, called brain tunneling, is performed in the United States. The cost can range from $36,000 to $50,000 (from R$182,000 to R$253,000 at the current exchange rate).

medical intervention, however, He has no scientific evidence. “The discussion is still very preliminary and needs more scientific evidence. Without further proven studies, there is no possibility of the technique being indicated in humans,” assesses Luan Lucena, MD, a neurosurgeon in functional neurosurgery and radiosurgery, in a conversation with the news.