July 23, 2024

Clean WhatsApp and start 2022 with your mobile phone

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Over time, the space we have on mobile phones gets smaller and smaller. There are countless reasons for this to happen, either because Excess image storageOr videos, files, or even because of using apps.

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the The WhatsAppFor example, it is one of the gadgets that takes up the most space on mobile phones and other devices. In addition to backing up conversations, the messenger also ends up filling the device’s memory with a constant exchange of information, which impairs its work.

A mobile with a small footprint is affected by errors in executing tasks, not to mention annoying malfunctions that make users lose their minds. But there are simple solutions to this problem. It is possible to free up more cell phone space with a file Effective cleaning on WhatsApp.

Tips to clean WhatsApp and make your phone new for 2022

Check out the step-by-step instructions below. Free up more space in cell phone memory By cleaning on WhatsApp:

  • Click on the Conversations tab and go to “More options”;
  • Then tap “Settings” > “Data Storage” > “Manage Storage”;
  • On the screen that opens, it will be possible to check information about the device’s storage, check the used space and what is still free;
  • Another option is to go to the “Analyze and Delete Items” tab, which allows the user to delete very large or frequently redirected files. This helps free up more space in the phone’s internal memory;
  • This alternative allows the user to delete everything at once or set only specific items to delete;
  • Moreover, it is also possible to free up more space on WhatsApp by deleting media files from certain conversations.

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