July 21, 2024

Climate activists arrested in attack on an American statue

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Climate activists arrested in attack on an American statue
Climate activists arrested in attack on an American statue

You climate activists Timothy Martin and Joanna Smith were arrested on Friday the 26th in the United States on charges of vandalizing a statue of Edgar Degas at the Washington Museum.

According to the US Department of Justice, the couple attacked with ink the work “The Little Dancer of 14 Years,” which is on display at the National Gallery of Art, on April 27. The pedestal and the acrylic box protecting the statue were damaged.


The duo will be held accountable for conspiring to commit a crime against the United States and to damage the museum. The charges carry a sentence of five years in prison and a fine of US$250,000 (approximately R$1.2 million).

a National Gallery of Art It stated that the attack caused a loss of US$2,400 (R$12,000). The work had to be removed from the museum for ten days to heal.

The measure was declared by the small group Declare Emergency, which asked US President Joe Biden to declare a climate emergency. Activists said at the time of the attack that world leaders needed to take steps to tell the “truth” about what was happening to the climate.

Biden wants to silence environmental critics

American “progressives” first demanded that social media platforms silence my critics climate concern. Now, White House National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy wants tech giants to censor content about the political and economic costs of the green energy transition.

A few years ago, Facebook enlisted third-party “fact-checkers” to “review” weather news. But that didn’t satisfy Democratic senators, who ranted about a “loophole” in the op-eds. Then Facebook listed them as “checkers”.

Now, the “progressives” are moving into the second phase of censorship, which aims to end the debate over climate “solutions,” according to an editorial published on Monday the 13th by The Wall Street Journal.

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