September 24, 2022
As demissões ocorreram por cortes de custo e desinvestimento

CNN Brazil gives 90% of its team to RJ

CNN Brazil laid off 11, 90% of the team Thursday in its Rio de Janeiro office, according to the online portal. the newsFrom UOL. The layoffs were due to “cutting costs and divestment from coverage in Rio”.

All reporters, as well as producers, assistants and secretaries, among other employees of the capital, Rio de Janeiro, were dismissed. But commentators survived.

According to the website, the layoff request was made by Renata Afonso, CEO of CNN Brasil. The portal reported that in the election year, the broadcaster wants to save on production costs and is analyzing the employment of journalists freelancers At a lower cost to service the channel while covering the elections.

The discounts are not up to date

During this year, CNN has already laid off part of its team in São Paulo. In July, the company fired at least four professionals in the areas of editing, reporting and digital media.

In the same month, the channel’s audience finished with 0.14 points on the National Television (PNT) Billboard, which earned it the third place among pay-TV channels. The Young Pan NewsWhich has a lower cost, scored 0.16 points. GloboNews advanced 0.47 points, PNT reported.

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