March 30, 2023
Cobra Kai: All Karate Kid characters appear in Netflix series

Cobra Kai: All Karate Kid characters appear in Netflix series

Many classic characters from the Karate Kid franchise have returned during the five seasons of the Cobra Kai series.

Cobra Kai is back for its fifth season in the Netflix catalog. This series is part of the Karate Kid franchise, which takes place decades after the events of the first Karate Kid movie – The Moment of Truth (1984), and many classic characters from the franchise returned during these five seasons of Cobra Kai, such as protagonist Daniel Larseau ( Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka).

With that in mind, we have separated all the Karate Kid characters that appear in Cobra Kai.

Daniel Larseau (Ralph Macchio)

Ralph Macchio interpreted Daniel Larseau In the first three Karate Kid films, he appeared as the hero of the franchise, returning to the story of Cobra Kai from season one as a character, who now owns a famous car dealership, with his wife and two children.

Johnny Lawrence (William Zapka)

In Cobra Kai, William Zabka He returned to his role as Johnny Lawrence In Karate Kid, Daniel LaRusso’s famous rival in the first movie released in 1984 when he was a member of the Cobra Kai dojo, trained by John Kress (Martin Cove). Johnny Lawrence is one of the stars of the Netflix series, with many problems in his life – including his relationship with his son Robbie Kane (Tanner Buchanan) – and without money, until he decides to reopen Cobra Kai, re-establishing an old rivalry between them. with LaRusso.

John Chris (Martin Cove)

Martin Cove interpreted John Kress In all three films Karate Kid, one of the main antagonists of the franchise as the leader of the Cobra Kai, returned to the role in Cobra Kai. Kreese first appeared in season one and was a major character since season two, helping Johnny Lawrence on Cobra Kai, until he eventually took over the dojo again.

Lucille Larseau (Randy Heller)

Play Randy Heller Lucille Larseauthe mother of protagonist Daniel in the Karate Kid trilogy and back to Cobra Kai, with cameos in a few episodes throughout the series.

Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith)

Thomas Ian Griffith is back as Terry Silver In Cobra Kai Season 4, to join John Kreese in the All Valley Karate Championship against Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

For those who don’t remember, Terry Silver was one of the main antagonists in Karate Kid 3 – The Final Challenge.

Ali Mills (Elizabeth Shaw)

Elizabeth Shaw is back as Ali Mills In a cameo in Cobra Kai season 3. She played this character in the first two Karate Kid movies, dating Daniel LaRusso’s high school girlfriend – but they ended up at the end of the first movie.

Kumiko (Tamlin Tomita)

Kumiko Played by Tamlin Tomita, she was Danielle Larseau’s second girlfriend in the Karate Kid franchise, originally appearing in the second film when the protagonist takes a trip to Japan. They were reunited in Cobra Kai season 3, when LaRusso decided to return to the venue.

Shozen Toguchi (Yuji Okumoto)

Yuji Okumoto has returned to his role as Cuisine In the third season of Cobra Kai, a character he played in Karate Kid 2 as a rival to Daniel LaRusso. At Cobra Kai, he met up with LaRusso during his trip to Okinawa (Japan), now as a Miyagi-Do Karate instructor. Chozen is back in Season 5, to help Daniel and Johnny against the growing threat of Terry Silver.

Tommy (Rob Garrison)

Tommy Played by Rob Garrison is an old friend of Johnny Lawrence in the franchise, who was part of the Cobra Kai dojo in the original films. He returns for the second season of the show, when his character has cancer and decides to take a farewell trip with his old castmates Johnny Lawrence, Bobby, and Jimmy – and then ends up dying.

Bobby Brown (Ron Thomas)

Ron Thomas is another person to reprise his role as Bobby Brownone of Johnny Lawrence’s best friends in the Karate Kid, and returns in Cobra Kai as a shepherd on Tommy’s farewell journey.

Jimmy (Tony Odell)

After completing the list of Johnny Lawrence’s friends from the first two Karate Kid films, Tony Odell also returns as a character. Jimmy In Cobra Kai.