March 31, 2023
Coca-Cola FEMSA opens more than 60 job opportunities for various jobs

Coca-Cola FEMSA opens more than 60 job opportunities for various jobs

Coca-Cola FEMSA job opportunities have many benefits and cover many sectors. Register for free.

a Coca-Cola FEMSA has opened more than 60 job opportunities From different regions of the country, but mainly to the state of São Paulo. Opportunities span multiple fields and require different levels of education and specialization.

Coca-Cola FEMSA is part of The Coca-Cola Company, a company dedicated to transporting and packaging branded products. It is responsible for the distribution of drinks throughout the national territory, and employs thousands of people.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Vacancies

Check out some vacancies at Coca-Cola FEMSA:

  • Sales assistant;
  • Attorney general
  • delivery driver;
  • delivery assistant
  • Operations Assistant
  • beer and alcohol trading executive;
  • sales promoter
  • information analyst mr;
  • seller PI;
  • Salesman;
  • trade supervisor
  • Procurement and Financial Analysis Coordinator;
  • Machine operator;
  • Production Supervisor;
  • manager assistant;
  • Automation Analyst
  • refrigeration mechanic
  • delivery driver;
  • Planning Specialist
  • Market Asset Maintenance Technician;
  • IT Analyst.

Opportunities can be modified at any time according to the company’s requirements.

Coca-Cola FEMSA Benefits

According to Coca-Cola FEMSA, contract employees will enjoy the following benefits:

  • health care;
  • Dental Care;
  • credit cooperative
  • profit sharing or profit sharing;
  • dinette[عامة]
  • life insurance;
  • Transportation vouchers
  • Discount on products
  • Food stamps.

How to Apply for Jobs at Coca-Cola FEMSA

To compete for job opportunities at Coca-Cola FEMSA, simply register for free and online at Company selection site. The professional will be required to complete an online form with his or her personal data. Remember to attach your resume to your qualifications.

He has not been told how Coca-Cola FEMSA will select candidates with profiles considered most appropriate. It is possible to conduct interviews, tests and dynamics.