July 14, 2024

Coca-Cola opens 120 new jobs; See available jobs

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Coca-Cola opens 120 new jobs;  See available jobs
Coca-Cola opens 120 new jobs;  See available jobs

We are witnessing a financial crisis in many countries. Unfortunately, Brazil is no exception! All we are currently seeing is a reflection of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was one of the results that had the greatest impact on the economy layoffs Widely. Many people were unemployed!

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So, if you are one of those people looking for a new job, we have good news, because Coca-Cola FEMSA has opened over 120 new job vacancies to be filled as quickly as possible.

you can find chances For different types, but pay attention to the requirements, as they can vary. The most common ones relate to the different levels of education, professional qualifications, or experience in the area.

Coca-Cola has many units spread all over Brazil, which means that many people from different regions have the opportunity to work with them, as they are vacant for cities at home and capitals.

See below some vacancies offered by Coca-Cola

  • delivery driver;
  • Supervisor / Operations Supervisor;
  • delivery assistant
  • lab technology
  • Electrical maintenance technology.
  • forklift operator
  • Complete HR Analyst.
  • second machine operator;
  • third machine operator;
  • Billing Assistant
  • operational assistant (factory);
  • operations assistant (warehouse);
  • concentrated syrup;
  • lecturer;
  • Auxiliary Services and Facilities Coordinator.
  • Management and Finance Analyst PL;
  • the assistant Employment;
  • Continuous Improvement Coordinator / Coordinator.
  • social worker;
  • Storekeeper;
  • nurse/professional nurse;
  • operations assistant;
  • sales support assistant;
  • trade supervisor
  • beer developer
  • reliability analyst mr.

And like most major companies that offer BenefitsCoca-Cola wouldn’t be different either! Anyone who obtains any of the vacancies provided by it is entitled to many benefits, such as:

  • Health Care;
  • variable compensation program;
  • share in profits or results;
  • Dental Care;
  • meal ticket;
  • food voucher

How do you register?

To register, simply log into the Coca-Cola FEMSA platform. When you access it, you only need to submit the application to be able to register. See instructions for taking the first step towards a new job.

  • Go to the Coca-Cola FEMSA website;
  • Check the list of jobs offered;
  • Then click on the vacancy you want to apply for;
  • Check job requirements;
  • If you meet the requirements, click on the Apply option.

You are still at this point, you will need to complete some information with your personal data, as well as attach a resume so that you qualifications It is analyzed, so you will or may not be able to compete for the vacancy.

Here in Brazil, Coca-Cola FEMSA has 48 plants and 292 distribution centers with more than 80,000 employees. There are many areas with People Who can apply for some of these vacancies and is guaranteed a new job, don’t waste time!

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