July 2, 2022

Cogna (COGN3), retailers and airlines stand out among the highest in the stock market; Exporters decline

São Paulo – Airlines, retailers and Cogna (COGN3), as well as other domestic market-focused companies that lost much of their value in October, stand out among the Ibovespa index highs around 2:30 p.m. in Monday’s trading session.

Altitude drag, Cogna tracked, up more than 10%, followed by airlines: Azul (blue 4), +8.69%; and target (all 4), + 7.44%; Withdrawal with CVC (CVCB3) + 4.07%.

The highlight of the day is on the retail traders account. via (VIIA3) rises 6.83%. American stores (lame 4), +5.18%, (LAME3) + 5.68%; Carrefour Brazil (CRFB3), + 3.97%; and Luiza Magazine (COM)MGLU3) + 3.33%.

On the other hand, food exporters pulled back the declines of Ibovespa at the opening of the trading session on Monday (1), after leading the gains on Friday (29).

About 2:30 p.m., JBS shares (JBSS3(It fell 3.66%, from Marfrige)MRFG3(It fell 3.85%, while BRF shares fell)BRFS3) achieved 0.90%.

They also stand out among the Usiminas Falls (USIM5), -1.36%; Gerdau (GGBR4), -0.52%; and Susanoo (SUZB3), -0.49%.

It sheds more light on the company in the stock exchange

B3 (B3SA3)

After being informed that he received another fine from the Federal Revenue Service, this time for R$1.172 billionB3 shares did 0.42% higher in the early morning.

Commenting on the new federal revenue fine applied to B3, Credit Suisse says this was already foreseen and, to some extent, identified as a potential loss in the risk section of the reference form. The value represents about 1.5% of the company’s market capitalization.

This time, the fine relates to the calculation of positive exchange changes for the investment in CME Group, due to the sale of this chip that the company promoted in 2016.

This is the second fine imposed by the Brazilian Stock Exchange in the past week. on Wednesday (27), B3 was fined R$204 million amid questions about amortization, for tax purposes, in 2017.of goodwill resulting from the merger of the business with Bovespa Holdings Inc., in May 2008.

Vibration Energy (VBBR3)

Vibra procedures (VBBR3) advanced 2.5% in opening business, after it was informed that it had agreed to issue non-convertible bonds, in two series, in the amount of R$1.8 billion.

The first serial bonds will mature within 7 years. The second series will mature within 10 years from the date of release.


With an increase of 2.8%, shares of CVC (CVCB3) reflects the completion of the purchase of the remaining 40.0% of Ola’s share capital, thus becoming the 100% owner of the Argentine Tourist Company. In 2018, CVC acquired 60% of Ola’s share capital.

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