February 5, 2023

columnist revealing Ana Clara’s salary on TV Globo; The presenter returns to the leadership of the BBB network

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The presenter, also a former BBB, has emerged as one of the most successful participants in the former reality

Photo: Playback / Globo
Photo: Playback / Globo

Ex BBB Anna Clara Lima Not only conquered the audience during his participation in bb 18as well as the broadcaster. Although she did not win that year’s edition, she emerged as one of the most successful former reality contestants.. With her cheerful and communicative manner, she gradually gained space in Globo TV.

Once I left reality, I signed with the broadcaster and became part of the artistic core. It didn’t take long and she joined the extinct team View the videoIn addition to participating in programs such as The Voice of Brazil And Child hope. Ex sister was also part of BBB21 Reporter Teaminterviewing participants shortly after their elimination from the most watched house in Brazil.

Soon after, and with great success, Anna Clara debuted her solo attraction, The BBB dutywhich mirrored the events of the reality show alongside the guests. Now, she is managing BBB NetworkIn addition to participating in BBB – eliminationTogether with Bruno De Luca.

With so much success, many are wondering what salary a redhead gets at the station. According to the columnist TV observatoryAndrew Roman The applicant will receive about R$120,000 per monthalready including promotion values, to present BBB Network. Also according to the information, The redhead had renewed the contract for another three yearsand grab gravity until 2025.

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