November 29, 2022
Commentator says Botafogo's growth was "expected", estimates the defense sector and formation of Hou Soares

Commentator says Botafogo’s growth was “expected”, estimates the defense sector and formation of Hou Soares

One Botafogo amazing in Brazilian Championship It has become a more reliable team that dreams of the Libertadores title, especially after the victory over Sao Paulo on Sunday. for commenter Conrado Santanaat SporTV “Card Exchange”, growth was already expected.

– It was expected. He hired a lot of people in the tournament, a new owner, a new coaching staff, and Morumbi was on his way with grass and rain. Sao Paulo was better in the first half, arriving and failing to score. In the end, Botafogo executed a penalty with the help of VAR with Tekinho. Botafogo’s increasingly improvement, again without conceding, was a problem on the defensive side, with his arrival Adrelson And Cuesta, in addition to training, not conceding many goals. Once again, Gatito is empty. Another thing is the campaign away from home, the fourth consecutive win away from home – the highlight of Conrado Santana

– Botafogo was credited with defending himself, good match from Adrillson, Cuesta, Marsal. The players who made the difference, like Tequenio up front again added.

Commentator is still in use Tequinho Soares As an example to estimate football management in Botafogo.

– It’s hard to talk about today’s match, the individual performance, the ball doesn’t stop, there are a lot of gigs, and that’s why Tekinho appeared a lot. Making a turn, the fan is happy with him, a smart guy, thinks well of the play, knows the time to protect, pass, kick. Shows the good work of Botafogo. Erison is the season’s top scorer, but officials saw it was time to let him go. Think of Tiquinho who is better than Erison, has Matheus Nascimento, Júnior Santos. A new stage of Botafogo appears. That’s why the fans are hoping, because you can see it’s a different way of thinking about football. He added that professionalism should be with people who know football.