December 5, 2022
Commentator says he 'won't award' controversial penalty and sees draw 'frustrating' for Botafogo and Fluminense

Commentator says he ‘won’t award’ controversial penalty and sees draw ‘frustrating’ for Botafogo and Fluminense

An exciting classic show ended in a 2-2 draw on Sunday, at the Maracana, in favor of the Brazilian Championship. Commentator on “Bom Dia Rio” by Globo Andre Loveredo Talk about the match between Botafogo And the Fluminense And he expressed his opinion on the controversial penalty that changed the course of the match.

– Botafogo took the lead, but Fluminense was late, seeking good replacements from Fernando Deniz. That was fair, despite the Botafogo fan’s complaint about a penalty that I think could be questioned. Fluminense was a little better at the start, creating chances, but Botafogo quickly took control of the match and reached the goal with Eduardo, putting the opponent in a complicated situation at the end of the first half. The second half started, Botafogo is already fast, Givinho shoots and shoots under goalkeeper Fabio, flu fans complained about him. Givinho made a great find, Botafogo has found a good player. On the penalty kick, I think it was already falling, I wouldn’t give the penalty kick. Matthews Martins entered and changed the match, and then scored the equalizer – explained Loufredo.

For the commentator, the result was poor for both teams.

Fluminense gets a good result under the circumstances, but he is frustrating for the fans who expected to win. Botafogo also managed to draw, which may well be, thinking Fluminense was the dominant, but opening 2-0, also frustrating his fans. The two are still on the table, and in the end the draw wasn’t good for either – he added.