September 24, 2023
Edtech oferece quase 200 vagas de emprego home-office para todo o Brasil

Companies open more than 39,000 jobs remotely. paying off

With this pandemic, many people have learned about the nature of working from home, the so-called home office. And even now, more than two years later, some people are still engaged in this type of business. And many companies also began to adhere to the idea, which can bring many benefits, such as Economie of time (offset) and infrastructure expenditures by the organization itself.

So, if you are considering the possibility of working from home, there are currently thousands of vacancies all over Brazil. To find out more, check out below!

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Companies open more than 39,000 vacancies for home offices

Thus, in total, there are 39,422 home office jobs across the country, in the most diverse regions. There are vacancies for various positions, but with a focus on technology, telemarketing, management and human resources. Among the positions are telemarketing operator, salesperson, representative, lawyer, sales promoter, developer (programmer), tax accounting, among others.

In addition, companies also offer various benefits. These include medical assistance, daycare assistance, pharmacy assistance, profit sharing, life insurance, food stamps, and transportation vouchers.

Ok, but where are all these vacancies, and how do you apply? Basically, if you are interested in the possibility of working from home, and want to get a job, this is simple. you just need Access to InfoJobs And use the filters to find the perfect role for your profile. Then read the full description of the ad to verify that it meets the company’s requirements.

Then click “Register Resume” and follow the steps. The process is free and only takes a few minutes. After all this is done, just wait for the company to come back with information about the next steps. Good luck and God bless you!

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