December 2, 2023
Concio de Matto Dentro cancels the show of millionaire Gustavo Lima - Gerais

Concio de Matto Dentro cancels the show of millionaire Gustavo Lima – Gerais

Country singer Gustavo Lima's photo
With the cancellation, only Gustavo Lima failed to get a small amount of R$1.2 million from public coffers (Photo: clone/Instagram/Gustavo Lima)

Concerts by Gustavo Lima and the duo Bruno and Maroni – which were due to take place in Concio de Mato Dentro, in the central region of Minas, in June, have been cancelled. The information was published on Saturday evening (28/5) via social media, via the city council.

The decision of the executive branch is made After it became public that the municipal administration will misuse the compensation money for mineral exploration (Cfem) to pay artists’ fees.

With the CEO’s announcement, Gustavo Lima will not bring in R$1.2 million from public coffers for the city of 17,000. Bruno and Maron, in second place on the payroll, will receive 520 thousand Brazilian reais.

According to the municipal department’s official statement, there is an “unfortunate attempt” to involve the celebrations in a “political and partisan war that has nothing to do with the municipality.”

In a video posted on social media, the mayor, José Fernando Aparcedo de Oliveira (MBD), is treating the cancellation of contracts with country singers as a postponement due to what he describes as “election issues that have attempted to involve Concio de Mato ‘Dentro'”.

While lamenting the negative fallout, the mayor said the party is “a renewal of faith, hope and love.” Watch the CEO’s statement in full below.

It is worth noting that the event has not been canceled. Thus, other attractions are still confirmed in the cavalry 32 Jubilee Senhour Bom Jesus de Matozinhos, which takes place in the city between 17 and 23 June.

Therefore, other payments – not due – from mineral exploration financial compensation resources are retained. In this sense, Israel, Rodolfo (310,000 Rls), Di Paolo and Paulino (120,000 Rls), Joe Carreiro (100,000 Rls) and Thiago Jonathan (90,000 Rls) will take to the podium at this event next month.

In justifying the source of funds to cover caches payroll, the city government claims that “there are no restrictions on the use of mineral exploration financial compensation (Cfem) resources in actions, projects and events that bring improvement to the quality of life of the local population.” Thus, according to the municipal administration, Cfem funds can be invested “in structures such as housing, public infrastructure, basic sanitation, etc. or for the economic development of the city.”

However, the resource is a tribute paid by mining companies to municipalities and cities with mining activities and, according to the National Mining Agency website, can only be applied to “projects that directly or indirectly benefit the local community, in the form of improving infrastructure, environmental quality, health and education.” “.

According to the schedule, he will also present Simon, Simaria, Nee Alves, Glio Cesar, Odier, Father Alessandro Campos, Lucas Reis, Tasio, Henrique Romero, Z Vaquero, Os Parada Quente, Jorge Henrique, Rodrigo and Boris Forman. However, as of the closing of this report, the contracts with the respective values ​​were not available for consultation on the City Hall Transparency Portal.

Public Prosecution

It is worth noting that the millionaire figure – revealed Mining condition Exclusive – which will be paid to Gusttavo Lima, came to light after the country music star entered the scenes of the Public Prosecution (MP) for receiving R$800,000 at another show in So Luiz, with only 8 thousand inhabitants and with the second lowest GDP In the state of Roraima – 147.6 million R$ (18,450 R$ per person). Presentation is scheduled for December, at the 24th edition of the vaquejada in the city.

Now, in a new chapter, the chancellor and second secretary of the Municipal Council of Concio de Mato Dentro, Sidney Sebra da Silva, sent a letter earlier this month to the Public Ministry in Minas Gerais requesting an investigation into the contracts for the bids.

And according to the report’s request, the deputy informed, Thursday (26/5), through a memo, that the representation of the municipal chamber had issued a “communication of the truth.” “This is a procedure that has been put in place to check whether there are elements that justify the opening of an investigation by the MPMG (a civil investigation). There are no further details to be provided at this time.”