February 6, 2023
Confident, Slovenia demands a wall against Douglas and Paulo Andre TV News

Confident, Slovenia demands a wall against Douglas and Paulo Andre TV News

After exchanging barbs with Douglas Silva and Paulo Andre Camilo At BBB 22, Eslovênia Marques wants to face the two opponents in the hot seat. In the early hours of Tuesday morning (29), the supermodel declared, “I want to go to the wall with one of them.”

While talking to Eliezer Neto, Lin da Quebrada, Lucas Bisoli and Natalia Diodato, style He commented on the fact that the Director-General had set her as the target of his candidacy for potential leadership.

“If he doesn’t point out, he’s weak… If they don’t point out to me, they are weak,” Paraibana fired. Lane then explained that Arthur Aguiar’s group might try another strategy to escape the danger zone, but Paraíba insisted, “I want to go to the wall with one of them, if the PA returns. But I prioritize the DG.”

“I voted for two weeks for Naty, for the fourth week, I voted for DG, and I said that, there was something in the game that always bothered me. [dele]Lucas continued. [visto] Something like that was bothering me in him, ”the actress agreed.


On Monday night (28), Slovenia fell out with Paulo Andre and became Douglas’ target. During the game of discord, the model called PA “a banana” and gave the sign “no win” to the athlete.

“I’m going to pull a PA not just because of our recent friction, but in general. I did this brutal thing, but I didn’t see you do it like you did. I think that’s what let me down. I viewed our relationship as positive and constructive. It didn’t feel like it was you.” ‘For me you’ve been buying other people’s ideas, and here comes the part where I say I don’t think you’re original,'” she said.

In another stage of the activity, Eslô was selected as a loser by the DG. The actor said that the sister evaded receiving votes from the moment she got home, but promised to attack her as soon as he had the opportunity. PA ally Arthur and Pedro Scobe promised her that “her movement makes her not go against the wall next to the house. One day, God willing, if you catch the commander, I’m happy to refer you directly.”

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