May 30, 2023
Confirmation of Inter's line-up to face America-MG:

Confirmation of Inter’s line-up to face America-MG:

On Monday evening, Inter will face America Mineiro, in a match valid for the 16th round of Brazilian. To face the Belo Horizonte team, Mano Menezes will not be able to count on seven players, namely Anderson, Alan Patrick, Bustos, Alimao and Rene. With this, the Colorado captain will not be able to repeat the team rule he has acted on in the past Toys.

To replace embezzlement, Manu chose Tyson, Hightor and David. The right-back will replace Bustos, Tyson will play with Alan Patrick and David will complete the offensive sector alongside Pedro Henrique.

The confrontation is worth keeping the colorful combat by G4, as well as the possibility to invoke the command, which he occupies today Palm treeswith 29 points, five points behind Alveropera.

The ball rolls at Gigante from 20:00. About 18,000 Colorados are expected, as one of the partner mods who attended the Colo-Colo showdown got free tickets to take a buddy to tonight’s duel.

Take a look at Inter’s squad to face America-MG: