December 9, 2023
CONMEBOL Cuba from South America?  Watch the effects on Santos, Sao Paulo, Botafogo and Atlético MG |  South American Cup

CONMEBOL Cuba from South America? Watch the effects on Santos, Sao Paulo, Botafogo and Atlético MG | South American Cup

The CONMEBOL Club Committee met on Monday morning, and among the debates, the extinct CONMEBOL Cup champions asked to be recognized as winners of the South American Cup, in Unity. The situation is still undetermined. In the case of recognition, the Atletico MGHey BotafogoHey saints it’s the Sao Paulo He will earn points in the Entity Club Ranking.

a General Electric He simulated the impact of dozens of Brazilian clubs that won the CONMEBOL Cup (1992 to 1999), taking into account the classification criteria of the South American football regulator.

CONMEBOL’s standings determine the Copa Libertadores rankings in the group stage. In addition to converting the weights of the CONMEBOL Cup titles

Copa Sudamericana Cup, played since 2002 – Photo: CONMEBOL

Atlético, two-time champion (1992 and 1997), It will be the most favourite, with nearly 300 additional ranking points. Botafogo took the cup in 1993, and the following year, São Paulo won. In 1998, Santos lifted the Champion’s Cup. These three would add nearly 100 points, to each of them.

The CONMEBOL ranking consists of the results of the Libertadores as well as the results of the Sud Americana. The two criteria are “performance” and “historical parameter”. The first matches the results of the last 10 editions of each tournament. For 2023, placements will be considered from 2013 to 2021, with a 10% drop in points for each additional year in time.

Historical coefficients (from 2012 onwards) have a fixed score, here in case of recognition you will enter the CONMEBOL Cup consolidation values. See below simulations for Rooster, Stove, Fish and Tricolor. It should be noted that Corinthians, Gremio and Vasco would also be favourite, to a lesser degree, because they did not win titles and were not present in any semi-finals of the extinct competition.

Registration criteria via Sudamericana to rank Conmebol clubs – Photo: clone / Conmebol

Recognition of the Copa CONMEBOL matches as replicas of the Copa Sudamericana (created in 2002) still depends on the CONMEBOL Executive Board meeting, most likely in October. The club’s committee (formed by the 2022 Libertadores Cup Round of 16 teams) expressed a favorable opinion, with 10 votes in favour, 3 against and 3 abstentions. However, the National Confederations did not vote, and demanded more time for a decision in the Council.

Conmebol’s ranking – which will be updated early in the year – River Plate is currently in first place (10275.2 points). Atlético is 11th with 4,135.2 points. If he can score close to 300 points in the CONMEBOL Cup, he will have the potential to surpass Argentina’s Independiente (4,295.1) and Colombia’s Atlético Nacional (4372.4).

Santos finished eighth in the standings (4,517.4)but it is still far from 5,176 points Penarol (7th). Sao Paulo has 4038.5 points and is 13thHowever, he made it to the finals for Sol Americana, with guaranteed growth.

In front of them are Atlético – PR, the finalist of the Copa Libertadores, with a score of 4043.8 points, which has at least 500 additional points for 2023, with good chances to beat Gallo himself. a Botafogo again appeared in the standings of CONMEBOL, with 983.3 points, in 50th place. He was between Argentinos Juniors (992.2) and Newell’s Old Boys (976.7).

CONMEBOL Cup Champions and Runners-up:

  • 1992: Atletico MG / Olympia
  • 1993: Botafogo / Peñarol
  • 1994: Sao Paulo / Peñarol
  • 1995: Rosario Central / Atletico MG
  • 1996: Lanus / Santa Fe
  • 1997: Atletico MG / Lanos
  • 1998: saints / Rosario Central
  • 1999: TALERIS / CSA

Atlético’s new possible result in the standings:

  • Historic Champion: 120 points
  • Historic Vice: 30 points
  • Quasi-historic: 36 points
  • Number of matches won: 91.2 points
  • Draw: 21.6 points
  • Total: 298.8 points possible

Atlético was the CONMEBOL Cup champion in 1992 (photo) and in 1997 – photo: Disclosure

Botafogo’s new possible result in the standings:

  • Historic Champion (1): 60 points
  • Matches with wins (5): 24 points
  • Draw (4): 9.6 points
  • Total: 93.6 points possible

Botafogo players lift the 1993 CONMEBOL Cup – Photo: Julio Cesar Guimarães / O Globo

The possible new score for Santos is in order:

  • Historic Champion (1): 60 points
  • Number of matches won (4): 19.2 points
  • Relationships (3): 7.2 points
  • Total: 86.4 points possible

Santos champion in the 1998 CONMEBOL Cup – Photo: Disclosure

Possible new score for São Paulo in the standings:

  • Historic Champion (1): 60 points
  • Number of matches won (3): 14.4 points
  • Relationships (3): 7.2 points
  • Total: 81.6 Possible Points

Sao Paulo champion in the 1994 CONMEBOL Cup – Photo: Disclosure