December 8, 2022
CONMEBOL gathers Sao Paulo fans and distributes tickets for the South American final |  Sao Paulo

CONMEBOL gathers Sao Paulo fans and distributes tickets for the South American final | Sao Paulo

CONMEBOL begins the celebrations of the final South American between two Sao Paulo x Independiente del Valle, scheduled for Saturday, 17:00 (Brazilian time), at Mario Kempes Stadium, in Cordoba, Argentina.

On Thursday night, Sao Paulo fans and locals, unconscious of many, turned up for Faro del Bicentenario for a party. fan party From the decision, as a lucky few can walk away with tickets to make the decision.

There are some games available for fans, and winners get a ticket. Whoever hits three kicks into a hole of a small beam wins entry to the final that could award the South American Tricolor Championship.

CONMEBOL celebrates in Cordoba the Sao Paulo x del Valle stage of the South American final

The final party in Sudamericana brought together the people of Sao Paulo and Cordoba – Photo: Eduardo Rodriguez

In addition to the residents of São Paulo, who began to occupy the streets of Cordoba, the residents also attended the event, without even knowing what it was about.

Whoever hits the hole three times wins a ticket to the final – Photo: Eduardo Rodriguez

Conmebol opened the door to promote the party, which will feature a musical performance by Argentina’s famous DJ Ver Palacio who is a friend of Lionel Messi.

Sao Paulo fans attend the concert promoted by CONMEBOL – Photo: Eduardo Rodriguez

The Champion’s Cup and the match ball were also displayed in the stadium. It was possible to take pictures with objects. Gravity created a large queue.

The trophy and ball from the South American final were shown at the party – Photo: Eduardo Rodriguez

However, the first activity of the final on Thursday, took place on the pitch, with Sao Paulo and DelValle. Only the opening 15 minutes were open to the press.

The flag of Sao Paulo is displayed in Faro del Bicentenario – Photo: Eduardo Rodriguez

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Banner Sao Paulo – Photo: