Continuity and novelties in the Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo

Continuité et nouveautés au Tournoi pee-wee de Waterloo

There are no more than a few days prior to the commencement of the national Tournament of hockey pee-wee de Waterloo, which will begin in force on Monday. This year, the completion will blow its 45 candles, without, however, taking a ride. The organization takes, however, to continue its renewal in order to maintain its radiation.

The team of the tournament may have taken a few gray hairs, recognizes Jocelyn Bélisle, who has occupied the presidency for many years. Since some volunteers count their years of implications in decades, and some are planning to retire, it becomes increasingly important to include succession planning in the organization of the tournament to ensure its continuity.

Some decisions have also been taken to ensure a better experience for the players. Thus, the operation of the committee of arbitration has been somewhat revised. “The referees that we have in Waterloo are very competent, but it’s still a small community, glide, Mr. Bélisle. In practical terms, this means that you will cast the net wider to find referees from around the region, ” he said Thursday night, during the launch of the 45th edition of the tournament.

School Hockey

As the organizing committee had already discussed last summer, the ice of the arena Jacques-Chagnon will indeed be a category of school hockey (D-1) this year. Therefore, it is a seventh class of teams that slips in to the programming. The D-1 will open the tournament Monday evening at 17 h, while the Grenadiers LPP will face the Cougars in Cap-Youth. The Titans of the Word-Divine and the Governors of Massey-Vanier will represent the region in this new class.

In addition to the school section, the usual categories — AAA, AAA-reports, AA, BB, and B — will be back. In total, the tournament will bring together 47 teams from across Canada and the United States, including Boston and Providence.

According to Jocelyn Bélisle, two teams from British Columbia are passed within a hair of joining the programming.

Beyond the radiance of the tournament, the organizers of which continue to be very proud of, president Jocelyn Bélisle wanted to emphasize the “dynamism and collegiality” that surrounds the organization of the event. Mr. Bélisle has also noted the contribution of volunteers in holding the fort. “I exaggerate only slightly in saying that it works every day of the year except Christmas, new Year’s day, Easter and Valentine’s day. What is sure, is that we have a thought for the tournament all day. “

Whether in logistics or behind the bar, all the volunteers and employees help to make the experience at Waterloo the more enjoyable for the players and their families. According to the member of parliament for Brome-Missisquoi Isabelle Charest, itself a former honorary president of the tournament, this type of selfless commitment has enabled him to progress in the sport and in politics.

To monitor

For this edition, the presidency of honor of the tournament was entrusted to François Godbout, a former judge and involved in the organization of several events and charities in the region. Mr. Godbout was, however, absent at the time of the opening night of the 45th edition.

In terms of surprises, the bar is high after the edition of 2018. The former star player of the NHL Jarome Iginla had then attracted the attention as an assistant coach of his son Tij, the Boston Junior Eagles (class AAA-over). Unlike this team of New England, Iginla will not be back in Waterloo.

Jocelyn Bélisle believes, however, that hockey fans will not be left out, with the ontario teams. “Keep an eye on the calendars of the clubs that come to us from Ottawa, you’re going to have the new on this side !” assured Mr. Bélisle, without wanting to reveal more. Is it still once a hockey legend who will be a young team, or an offspring to be monitored ? It’ll have to wait until the games in question to know it, warns the chairman of the tournament.

The 45th national Tournament pee-wee of Waterloo will begin next Monday and will continue until 27 January.

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