February 5, 2023
COP26: New draft final agreement softens reference to fossil fuels |  COP 26

COP26: New draft final agreement softens reference to fossil fuels | COP 26

The final version is still being negotiated by representatives of nearly 200 countries participating in the conferenceThe agreement walked the line between the demands of rich and developing countries.

The text maintains pressure on countries to be more ambitious in their plans to combat global warming, and establishes a division between countries, saying updating pledges should take into account “different national circumstances.”

The project also maintains an unprecedented mention of fossil fuels and the basic requirement that countries place on tougher climate promises in 2022, But it uses weaker language than the first version of the convention To demand the termination of support for this power source.

The change is expressed in the inclusion of the word “ineffective” – ​​a term not included in The previous draft, released on Wednesday (10): Gradual phase-out of coal-fired energy and subsidies inactive for fossil fuels.

COP26 ends on Friday, two weeks after the event, but Negotiations on the final agreement are expected to continue over the weekend due to the differences recorded so far.According to Reuters news agency.

Overall, the first draft did indeed bring specific developments, but it did not provide details on how to reach the targets needed to increase the planet’s temperature to be below 2°C by 2100 – preferably not above 1.5°C, as set out in the Paris Agreement.

From the pre-industrial era until now, the Earth’s temperature has already increased by 1.1 degrees Celsius.

The text also calls on countries to make improved pledges next year to tackle climate change, but does not confirm whether this will become an annual requirement. It is likely that this decision will be left to the 27th COP, which will be held a year from now in Egypt.

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