October 2, 2022

Copa America de Basketball: Even with Campazzo out, Argentina beat America and reached the final

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We have the first final selection of the Copa America de Basketball. Ensuring a perfect campaign and with a 100% win, Argentina officially beat the USA 82 to 73 to secure a place at the end of the American group. Now, it remains to be seen which nation will decide the title against Argentina this Sunday (11). At 20:40, Brazil and Canada face off in the other semi-final bracket.

One of the things the United States and Argentina had in common during the American dispute was individualism. On the North American side, senior duo Norris Cole and Jeremy Fargo command, play by play, America’s offensive actions. In South America, the trio of Gabriel Tech, Nicolas Laprovitola and Facundo Camposso lead all stats for the team coached by Pablo Brigioni. However, on this night, the Argentine point guard was sweating on the court and had a poor performance.

Although he repeated the highest number of assists, seven in total, Camposso used the fewest shots, 30.77%, and hindered the Argentine team’s offensive development. Especially with many long-range shooting attempts. At the end of the game, the South American ace was nil in the statistics.

However, this feature is not limited to Real Madrid’s Argentine point guard. USA and Argentina’s usage before the three-point line, combined, was 22%. So, the remaining option is to look for penetrations and throw near the painted area. And with a merciless performance, Gabriel Tech once again was the tournament’s top scorer with 30 points.

With the win, Argentina secures a great campaign in America and now, awaits the winner of the clash between Brazil and Canada. This Saturday (10), at 8:40 p.m., Brazil welcomes Canada to the Ginácio Geraldo.