December 2, 2023
Corinth goes in search of advanced attackers in 2023;  The club lost five places

Corinth goes in search of advanced attackers in 2023; The club lost five places

The Corinthians Council will try to hire two offensive players operating on the side of the field for the 2023 season. The idea is to consolidate a sector that has lost important parts all this season – below, case by case.

It will be attempted with or without Team Leader Vitor Pereira. By the way, the need to search for advanced players was one of the coach’s warnings to the Corinthians leaders. Rejuvenate the actors, as shown by the portal My dreamwas another.

It was the first drop in the sector Gabriel Pereirawhich ended up being sold to New York City, from the USA, in the early months of the year – the player renewed his contract, which ended up not being registered with the Brazilian Football Confederation.

It was the second loss Gustavo Mantuan, on loan to Zenit, from Russia. The striker was one of the most used strikers by Vitor Pereira, but he got into the business that made possible the arrival of Yuri Alberto.

He was the third on the edge who left the cast William, who requested an early termination to return to England. The former number 10 shirt was the absolute initiator of the team and the owner of the left side of the Alfinegro stadium.

at recent days, mosquito gustavo. The striker, who alternated with Edson in the starting lineup, had a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee. His return to the field should only take place in the middle of the 2023 season.

not to mention Leo Nettlewho came back on loan, was placed for the Corinthians match in Brazil (Fortaleza), but ended up being loaned again (he is at Casa Bella, in Portugal).

The name Arthur, from Bragantino, has been linked to Timão in recent weeks. However, the director of football, Alessandro Nunes, has denied interest in the club’s main striker from Bragança Paulista.

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