December 5, 2023
Corinthians agree to the details of Giovanni's purchase and extend the contract of the athlete who did not embezzle

Corinthians agree to the details of Giovanni’s purchase and extend the contract of the athlete who did not embezzle

Corinthians agreed to the final details of Giovanni’s purchase. The club has already deposited a signal for Capipvariano, its rights holder, and registered a short extension of its loan bond with BID, from the Brazilian Football Confederation, so that the youngster does not lose in the upcoming matches.

The player’s old contract with Corinthians expired on July 13. Now, with the extension, it runs through July 27. The measure was taken to prevent the player from not being able to play until July 18, the date the transfer window opened in Brazil. After the 27th day, Capivariano will publish the termination of the contract and the Corinthians will be able to register the new contract.

According to the gate Timon CentralAnd the The value of the sign made by the club amounted to 500 thousand Brazilian riyals. The remaining 2.5 million Brazilian riyals will be paid to the Interior team on July 22. Also, according to the report, Corinthians will own 65% of the economic rights of young people The rest will remain with the interior team.

In recent weeks, Alfinegra’s board of directors met with Capifariano to try to make the lump sum payment more flexible. Timão had a competition to keep the player. Last Tuesday, hours before the match against Boca Juniors, a French club expressed interest in Giovanni. The European team’s name has been kept secret.

Parque São Jorge, on the other hand, got the trump card of being able to rent the player for a specified amount in the youngster’s loan contract with Corinthians.

The athlete was integrated into the professional team this season and was used by Vitor Pereira. In total, the player played seven matches for Corinthians and has not yet scored for the main team.

See the publication of the contract extension in the Islamic Development Bank

Corinthians extend Giovanni's contract

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