December 3, 2023

Corinthians agree to Yuri Alberto’s arrival by releasing Ivan and Mantuan to Zenit

Corinthians have already reached an agreement with Zenit to hire Yuri Alberto on loan, and the official announcement depends only on the completion of bureaucratic procedures. In return, the Brazilian team will give up goalkeeper Ivan and striker Gustavo Mantoan.

With a salary of 1.2 million Brazilian riyals, Yuri Alberto will be on loan until June 2023, the same deadline for the transfer of the Corinthians duo to Zenit. The striker arrives at a fixed purchase price of around 20 million euros and Ivan and Mantoin between 5 and 15 million euros.

Therefore, at the end of the loan period, the two clubs can consider possible final negotiations. Since they only own a portion of the economic rights to Evan (50%) and Mantoan (90%), the Corinthians, in this case, may need to pay some money.

The third guard of Corinthians, Evan, will soon be released to travel and perform at Zenit. Already, Mantoan, who has a spot in the starting line-up, will remain in Corinthians until the second leg against Santos in the Copa Brasil last 16 scheduled for July 13.

With the agreement already concluded between the clubs and the sports body of the athletes, coach Vitor Pereira gave final approval to the negotiation form on Saturday, the date of the match against Santos, for the Brazilian championship. The Portuguese were hesitant, but agreed to negotiations that would lead to the relocation of Ivan and Mantoan.

Yuri Alberto is in São José dos Campos and will be able to train in Corinthians after June 30, but for the first time, he will have to wait until the transfer window opens on July 18. According to data from footholdThe striker scored six goals and four assists in 15 matches for Zenit.

Last Tuesday, FIFA allowed foreign players and coaches from Russian and Ukrainian clubs to extend their contracts with other teams until June 2023 as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, Yuri Alberto’s loan is not covered by this exception and will be carried out normally.

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