November 29, 2022
Corinthians always crushes ready to win first place in the Libertadores Women's Championship

Corinthians always crushes ready to win first place in the Libertadores Women’s Championship

Corinthians took to the field on Sunday night looking to win their first points in this edition of the Copa Libertadores Women’s Championship. In Quito, Ecuador, Timao faced Alois Reddy and won 5-0.

Corinthians’ beautiful performance during the frantic first half of Arthur Elias’ side went through. Timao abused the triangles on the left side, creating chances for the first two goals scored by Gabi Portillo.

The second half of Corinthians was quite conservative, and was already worried about the Libertadores sequence. Juliette scored a beautiful goal in the first minutes and the advantage would have been greater if Luana scored the penalty kick in the 39th minute.

Write it down, believer! Corinthians face Olympia, at 19:15, next Wednesday. The fencing takes place in Quito, Ecuador, like the entire competition.

the game


Coach Arthur Elias chose not to include midfielder Gabi Zanotti in the match. It is worth noting that the absence of the No. 10 shirt in the fencing was already expected in the schedule of the technical staff of the continental championship.

In this way, Corinthians had Layla. Diani, Andressa, Tarcian; Jacqueline, Gabe Moraes, Grazie, and Tamiris; Gabe Portillo, Adriana and Vic Albuquerque.

My dream

First time

Coach Arthur Elias, as well as in the key moments of the current season, collected his team with three defenders. Protecting the Alvenegra area were Diani, Andressa and Tarcian, while Jacqueline and Altamite were positioned up front as a wing. From midfield forward, Gabi Moraes, Grazie, Vic Albuquerque and Gabi Portillo served, Adriana, the most positioned up front.

Timão’s first chance to score came before the first minute of dribbling the ball. Jacqueline passed the speed on the right side and went to the finish line. After that, he gave a nice low cross to the small area, away by the opposing team, and saw the ball fall at the feet of Gabi Moraes, who finished hard, but caught it poorly.

Speed ​​around the edges proved to be a huge advantage for the Corinthians, who abused Jacqueline and Tammy’s launches. In 10 minutes, on the left side, Adriana crossed into the area and saw the ball hit the arm of the Always Ready defender, inside the area. However, the referee did not score anything.

The missed penalty was not felt by Corinthians, who remained in the attack in search of their first goal. back to the left, Tamiris “cut” the ball toward the second post and found Gabi Portillo, who hit a board in the corner and put Timao ahead on the scoreboard in the 13th minute.

Corinthians’ first terror of the match came with a modest move, on the right-hand side of Always Reddy’s attack. Rojas received on the edge, lopsided, and tried a simple kick from outside the area. But the trajectory of the ball covered goalkeeper Lilly and found the crossbar.

In a similar attempt to the first goal, five minutes later, Corinthians found their second goal. Adriana made a nice pivot and found Tamires, quickly, on the left. The Corinthians winger raised his head and made a beautiful cross for Gabi Portillo, who tested the nets.

After two goals from Portilho with two passes from Tamires, it was the turn of the other Corinthians players to shine. Andressa made a good reversal of the game while still behind midfield and found Adriana, who supported with her chest, evaded her mark and kicked hard to score the third goal for Corinthians.

Three minutes later, Vic Albuquerque received from Gabi Portillo and tried to score with a letter, but was blocked by a handball from defender Salvaterra who was penalized. On the charge, Vic shot cold, stopped twice and shot without a chance for the Bolivian goalkeeper.


With victory practically guaranteed, coach Arthur Elias began rotating the team to keep the players in good physical shape for the Libertadores stream. Jasmine and Juliet took the place of Tamiris and Gabe Portillo.

With the changes, Adriana moved to the right side and Juliet took the left wing, creating a duet with Jasmine. Through this sector Corinthians reached the bottom for the first time in the second half, but faced a defensive block always ready.

Soon, the newly arrived duo created a beautiful link on the left and snuck into the area. The ball reached Jacqueline, on the right, who deceived beautifully and returned it to Jasmine who turned around and shot towards goal. But Corinthians were in an offside position.

Pressure remained from Corinthians after the goal was disallowed. Timão’s momentum was high with and without the ball, so Arthur Elias’ men continued to press their opponents for the ball out. In one of these climbs, Adriana got the ball back in the middle and slipped into the penalty area and kicked the crossbar.

Then came the fifth goal of Corinthians. From the right side, Vic Albuquerque shot Juliette in the rear. Timão’s No. 6 was head to head and rolled the ball under the opponent’s archer’s legs.

Corinthians remained the most suggested team to play during the second half. However, fewer times the team customized their plays vertically. After Juliet’s goal, Timão began to control the ball more.

Kicks from outside the area were also part of Corinthians’ attempts to reach the sixth goal. On one occasion, Gabi Morris advanced through the middle and risked hard, but was stopped by the Valencia goalkeeper’s defense.

Already concerned about the team’s conditioning, Arthur Elias made his last three changes. Bianca Gomez, Erica and Luana Bertolucci have replaced Vic Albuquerque, Jacqueline and Gabe Moraes.

In the last minutes, after a corner kick in the penalty area, Morales knocked down Adriana and got a penalty. In the attack, Luana Bertolucci slipped when he hit the ball and kicked it.

Corinthians 5 x 0 sheet art always ready

Competition: US Women’s Libertadores Cup
place: Pozo Ribalda Stadium, Quito, Quito, Ecuador
Date: October 16, 2022 (Sunday)
time: 19:15 (from Brasilia)
Rule: Marsley Zambrano
Auxiliaries: Monica Amboya and Marianela Ramirez
Objectives: Victoria Albuquerque, Gabi Portillo (twice), Adriana, Juliette (Corinthians)
yellow cards: Jasmine (Corinthians); Salvatierra and Rojas (always ready)

Corinth: read; Diani, Andressa, Tercian and Tamir (Yasmim); Gabe Moraes (Erica), Jacqueline (Luana) and Vicaria Albuquerque (Bianca Gomez); Gabe Portillo (Juliet), Adriana and Grazie.
Technical: Arthur Elias

Always ready: parity. Segovia, Salvatierra, Zurita and Huanca; Mamani, Galvez, Pizarro, Rodriguez (Ana Rojas); Portales and Rojas.
Technical: Garca Madrigal

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