February 2, 2023

Corinthians are drawing plans for Pedro and may impose a termination fine of more than R$500 million; You understand

Corinthians are already working behind the scenes to protect themselves from foreign harassment by one of the major names in youth categories. The club is already discussing plans to renew the contract of striker Pedro, 16, who plays for Corinthians’ under-20 side.

As far as the player has a contract until 2025, Timão’s idea is to renew the contract at the beginning of next year, with an increased termination penalty, currently around 50 million euros (280 million R$, approx).

Plans discussed between president Duilio Monteiro Alves and the player’s staff are to increase the amount to €80m (R$440m) from 2024, with a salary increase. The values ​​will rise further in the following season, reaching 100 million euros (550 million Brazilian reals).

The young Corinthians striker took a direct part in the club’s negotiations regarding the permanent residence of striker Yuri Alberto. In the agreement, Timão gave Zenit-RUS the preference to buy Pedro. In this way, the Russian club has the right to match any foreign offer for the 16-year-old.

Meanwhile, Pedro is part of the Brazilian under-20 team for the South American Championship, in Colombia. The youngster should only return to activities in Timão at the beginning of February, either for the youth teams or for the professional team.

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