December 2, 2022
Corinthians beat Flamengo in the Maracana and secure a direct place in the next Libertadores

Corinthians beat Flamengo in the Maracana and secure a direct place in the next Libertadores

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a Corinthians He went to the Maracana stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, leaving his trauma behind and winning the flamingo By 2-1, in the sixth meeting between the two teams in 2022, with two goals scored by De Queiroz and Yuri Alberto, in a match valid for the 35th round of the league. Brazilian Championship. Mateusz Franca scored a great goal.

at the table

As a result, Timao reached 61 points, but remained in fifth place, behind Flamengo (third) and Fluminense (in fourth place), to the same degree.

However, a direct vacancy for the dispute in the next Libertadores is guaranteed for Vitor Pereira’s team, who have been suspended and a duel of the box followed.

And now?

Fella, the 2022 Copa Brazil and Liberta champions, will return to the stadium next Sunday, when he visits Curitiba, in Coto Pereira, starting at 4 pm (GMT).

Timão will host Ceará the day before, on Saturday, at 8:30 p.m. (Brasilia time). The games are valid for the 36th round of Brazil.

the game

It was good…

Possessing the ball in the offensive field, Flamengo tried to find spaces in the opponent’s defense and arrived with Marinho, still at the start. The striker fell in the area and asked for a penalty kick, but the referee ordered him to continue.

In the 11th minute, in an attack from the left side, Vidal crossed Pablo’s head, but Cassio saved in the middle of the goal. After a lukewarm start, the match started to heat up.

Yuri Alberto put in a superb display in the 20th minute, when Bruno Mendes fired the ball and the striker, who dribbled two in front of the area and kicked hard, ended up in Hugo’s palm.

Corinthians arrived again soon after, when de Queiroz went to the baseline and passed through Giuliano, who arrived kicking and hitting the post. On the rebound, Róger Guedes stopped on Hugo. The answer came in Ayrton’s cross kick, after Vidal’s pass, in a fresh intervention from Cassio.

Mateusz left Vital at the end of the first half, on the left side, crossed low into the middle of the area and found de Queiroz, who hit the net after touching Ayrton.

Objectives to determine the outcome

Upon the return of the second half, Everton Ribeiro was replaced by Victor Hugo, while Corinthians returned unchanged. With two minutes on, Everton’s Mateus Franca received a cipolinha on the left and Cavadina was kind to leave everything as is at the Maracana.

At the age of 13, the 42 shirt tried to get a letter, but was cut off Balbuena’s arm – neither the referee nor the VAR awarded a penalty in the show. In the sequence, Cássio appeared by punching the ball into a Cebolinha kick. On the other hand, Corinthians barely managed to hold the ball and try to hit the goal again.

After a scare in Cassio’s kick, in the first finishing touches to Timao in the supplementary stage, there was nothing else: Yuri Alberto greeted Bruno Mendes in the area, throwing bodily punches and kicking hard to bring the team forward. The result.

data sheet

Corinthia 1 x 2 Flamingo

place: Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)

Date: November 2, 2022 (Wednesday)

time: 21:30 (from Brasilia)

Rule: Ramon Abate Abel (SC)

Auxiliaries: Clipper Lucio Gil (FIFA-SC) and Thiaggo Americano Labes (SC)

Video Assistant Referee: Daniel Nobre Pines (FIFA-RS)

yellow cards: Ronnie (Corinthians)


flamingo: Mateus Fransa, two minutes into the second half.

Corinth: De Queiroz in the 42nd minute of the first half. Yuri Alberto, 30 minutes after the second half.

Pay audience: 57,906 people

total audience: 60,369 people

Enter: 2,358,262.00 BRL

flamingo: Hugo, Mathiosinho, Fabricio Bruno, Pablo and Ayrton Lucas; Pulgar (Joao Gomez), Vidal and Victor Hugo (Everton Ribeiro); Marinho (Mateus Gonçalves), Cipollinha (Rodini) and Matthew France (Mateusau). Technical: Dorival Jr.

Corinth: Cassius. Bruno Mendes (Wagner), Balbuena, Robert and Fabio Santos; de Queiroz (Rone), Fausto and Giuliano (Gil); Mateus Vital (Ramiro), Yuri Alberto and Roger Geddes (Renato Augusto).Technical: Felipe Almeida (Assistant).

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