September 28, 2022
Corinthians beat Real Brasilia away to lead the tournament in the Brazilian quarter-finals

Corinthians beat Real Brasilia away to lead the tournament in the Brazilian quarter-finals

Corinthians opened an important lead in the quarter-finals of the Brazilian Women’s Championship on Sunday. Playing for Mane Garrincha, Timao beat Real Brasilia 2-0 with goals scored by Adriana and Vic Albuquerque.

The Alvinegra team dominated the entire game and ordered the offensive actions of the match. Timão opened the scoring in the first half with a superb goal from Adriana and in the second half extended it with Vic from the penalty spot.

Alvinegra table: Corinthians returned to the field on Thursday, now in a valid match for Paulistau Feminino. The ball rolls in Fazendinha at 17:00 for the duel against Portuguesa.


Even with the absence of Tarsian, who is defending Brazil at the U-20 World Cup, Corinthians took to the field with the full force of the names they had at their disposal. Arthur Elias expanded the team Lily, Paulinha, Guy Campiolo, Andressa and Tamiri; Diane, Gabi Zanotti, Jacqueline, and Vic Albuquerque; Gabe Portillo and Adriana.

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Corinthians started the match by pressing the hosts and appreciating possession of the ball. Corinth’s first chance was a free kick, when Tamiris raised the ball in the area and Jack tried to finish the ball, but the ball was in an injury in the area after the 30 shirt kick, and it came back in and went out into the goal. .

Real Brasília tried to reach him minutes later. Andressa was disarmed in the middle of the field by Gabi Soares, who built the play through the middle and tried to pass between the defense, but Tamiris was interested in the play and made protection until Lilly left the goal post to keep the ball.

Corinthians responded quickly with Gabi Portillo receiving a deep pass from the right. I invaded the area and tried to take cover, but the ball was low and Dida managed to shove the backline. Brazil’s defense canceled a corner kick in two halves.

With the passage of about ten minutes, Real Brasilia kicked a free kick after a new move from Gabi Soares, but Sasa’s shot went straight into the goal and Lilly saved without difficulties. Shortly after, Corinthians had two consecutive chances at a corner kick: the first to be removed by the defense and the second into Dida’s hand.

Corinthian pressure had an effect at 22 minutes. Pointing when the ball goes out makes Paulinha win hard in the middle of the field and pass the pass to Diane. Shirt number 8 pushed Gabi Portillo to the right and Corinthiana went to the back line to make a cross. The ball in the small penalty area found Gabi Zanotti, who tried to move, but fell, however, he managed to pass to Adriana. The striker dominated the entrance to the area, removed two marks and inflated the net to open the scoring.

Minutes later, the referee took a break to hydrate the athletes and the coaches seized the opportunity, with about 30 minutes later, Arthur Elias needed to make the first change in the Corinthians team: he was injured after being knocked down by an opponent, and Gabe Portillo had to leave and make way for Jennifer. On his first chance, the 9 jersey ended up entering the zone, but the ball passed over the crossbar and exited across the base line.

The hosts tried again to score with Dani Silva, who played on the left flank and passed Paulinha. From inside the area, I attempted a direct kick and Lilly veered into a corner that was far from the defense. In addition, Maria Dias managed to play on the left flank and made the touchdown in the area, but the Corinthians goalkeeper went ahead and got the ball.


Corinthians are back in the second stage with another change: Arthur has called in Elias Melina to replace Gabi Zanotti. With only three minutes to go, Timão found himself in a slightly more comfortable scenario in the match: Lane and Adriana had a row on the field and they both yellowed, but the opponent already had a card and was sent off.

With eight minutes in, Melina was her first significant engagement on the field. On the right, the number 19 shirt invaded the area and was knocked down by Carroll in a move that led to a penalty kick for Corinthians. In the charge, Vic Albuquerque grabbed the ball and shot into the right corner, without any chance to defend the opposing goalkeeper. 2 to 0 for Timão!

After that, Alvinegra’s team grew more in the match and did well in possession of the ball. In a blind spot, Corinthians lost the ball on the offensive field and saw Gabe Soares have a free path through the middle to try and score. She kicked from the edge of the area, but Lilly blocked it.

Nearly 25 minutes later, Corinthians had another good arrival. Timão stole the ball in the middle of the field and ordered Adriana to move from right to cross in the small area, but the defense managed a slight deviation. The ball stayed on the edge of the area and Vick attempted the first shot but the ball went over the goal.

Minutes later, the game stopped again due to the water. On the return, Corinthians approached the third goal with a free kick from Tamer, who raised the ball in the area and watched Jack try to remove his head, but the ball passed at the post and crossed the back line.

In the next step, another Corinthian menace movement, now with Jheniffer. The shirt 9 pressed the mark inside the area, stole the ball and shot low, but Dida blocked the defense and blocked the goal.

In the 35th minute, Arthur Elias moved again to Timao: in the last substitution opportunity, coach Jassim and Lea Salazar fired to leave Andressa and Jacqueline. In one of his first matches, the shirt was 71 minutes and he was taken in front of an opponent who invaded the area to ward off the danger.

In the final minutes, Vic Albuquerque suffered a difficult entry and was on the field with knee pain. The Corinthians player had to leave the field on a stretcher and did not return to the match. Thus, the teams were left with the same number of athletes on the field, because the coach of Alfinegro had already made all the substitutions. Soon, the hosts had a numerical advantage, as Milena received a second yellow card and was sent off. However, Real Brasilia did not score the goal and the match ended 2-0 in favor of Timão.

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