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Corinthians beat Resende with a final goal and make their debut with victory in Copinha

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Corinthians beat Resende with a final goal and make their debut with victory in Copinha
Corinthians beat Resende with a final goal and make their debut with victory in Copinha

Corinthians made their debut with a win in Copina on Tuesday night. Against Resende, Timozinho entered the field at Martins Pereira Stadium and won 2-1.

Alvengra had good chances in the first half, but he didn’t know how to take advantage of them. In the second stage, individual plays made the difference and Kevin opened the scoreboard. But at the end of the match, Resende sought to equalize with a penalty kick. Corinthians were ready to win and went after the second goal after 48 minutes.

Write it down, believer! Corinthians return to the field on Friday. Again at 21:45, Timoziño faces River, of Piaui, in Copenhagen’s second game.

Lined up

Coach Diogo Seston chose to keep the starting lineup last season and chose Corinthians with him Alan Gobetti, Leo Mana, Alimao, Robert Renan and Reginaldo; Mandaca, Riquelme, Keven, and Matheus Araújo; Felipe Augusto and Giovan.



Resende in turn entered the field with Pedro, Walter, Peixoto, Hals, Douglas, Joao Philippe, Indio, Medina, Brendon, Leo Santos and Bismarck.

the game

First time

The two teams studied each other early in the game and prioritized the exchange of passes. With less than five minutes left, the match had to be stopped. Fans had difficulty getting to the stadium and the police used pepper gas, which invaded the lawn and interfered with the athletes. The players left the field and the match was stopped for ten minutes.

As the match resumed, Timão’s first arrival was with a long shot from Reginaldo. The ball was dropped into the area and left for Pedro’s defense. A little later, Giovanni and Matthews Araujo scored on the right and the No. 10 jersey received a pass in the small penalty area, but he could not finish the ball.

Corinth pressed Resende. Robert Renan shot the ball a long way from the defense and saw the opponent’s defense fail. Felipe Augusto had a leftover, who led the play on the right, conquered the area and hit a cross for Pedro’s good defence.

In the 22nd minute, Felipe Augusto received a shot inside the area and intercepted the ball with the goalkeeper. The Corinthians striker stayed with him after the archer made the defense in two turns and fired the ball, but the referee called the wrong attack. Resende’s response was quick: Brendon took the pass, conquered the area and hit Alan Gobetti’s exit. The Corinthians goalkeeper made a superb save and put the ball into the corner.

Alvinegra pressed Cariocas and again got a good chance with nearly 30 minutes. In a corner kick, the ball was poorly removed and Liu Mana eliminated the leftovers from the entrance to the area. The ball was deflected and let go by Mandaka, who shot the ball into the corner and ran out of the corner.

Three minutes later, Timon arrived again in danger. Giovanni received a cross over the top and managed to header, but the ball crossed the bar across the finish line. Corinthians continued to have the majority of possession and exchange passes on the attacking field, but the frequency of their arrival declined.

In the 50th minute, Corinthians made a great counter-attack and stopped Pedro’s good defense. Giovanni was responsible for the move and managed to pass a pass to Matthews Araujo to bump into Archer’s exit, blocking Corinthians’ first goal. Three minutes later, it was Resende’s turn to score. Bismarck made a move from the right and across the edge of the box to hit Brendon first and send the ball over the goal.

In the final minutes, Corinthians still had two chances with Kevin, who stopped in the first and shot the second over goal. With the missed opportunity, the first half ended without a change in the score.


Corinthians got their first chances in the second half. In two games by Keven from the right, the first ended with a submission blocked by Riquelme and the second across the entire small area, without being served.

Thus, the Corinthian pressure didn’t take long to take effect, and with 11 minutes to go, Kevin opened the scoring. 7 received a good pass from Reginaldo on the left, cleared three marks and hit the edge of the area at the top to launch the mark.

Immediately after the goal, the Corinthians coach changed the team three times: Felipe, Riquelme and Robert Renan left the field to enter Rodrigo Varanda, Peru and Murillo. Shortly thereafter, Beru was implicated in a dangerous move by the Corinthians. He got a pass from Mateos Araujo, won the mark and returned it to the Corinthians player on the edge of the area, but the serve crossed the goal.

In the 30th minute, Diogo Seston changed the team two more times and Vitor and Ryan replaced Alemao and Mandaka. Soon, Corinthians approached the second goal. Beru got a pass to Varanda, who hit the top and blew the bar.

Resende tried to equalize with long throws in the area to try to catch the Corinthians defense by surprise, but Alan Gobetti saved well. After 40 minutes the match was stopped again, this time due to the smoke from the shells that swept through the grass.

In the last minutes, another change occurred in Corinthians: Giovanni gave way to Daniel Marcos. In the next minute, Resende made a dangerous move when Caio moved inside the area and was brought down by Reginaldo. The referee scored a penalty kick and Bismarck turned even though Alan hit the right corner.

But on the ball, Corinthians are back at the front of the scoreboard. Mateos Araujo started the play and fired Peru on the left, the Corinthians player dribbled the mark and put it back on the No. 10 shirt, who took the first shot to secure Timao’s victory.

Corinthian Art Paper 2 x 1 Resende

Contest: Junior Football Cup
Sweetened: Dr. Mario Martins Pereira Municipal Stadium, São José dos Campos, SP
data: January 4, 2022 (Tuesday)
Hor Wacotrio: 9:45 pm (Brazilia)
Rule: Guilherme Francisco Maciel da Silva
Auxiliaries: Leandro Fernandez Rodriguez and Matthew Guilherme Biselli da Cruz
Objectives: Kevin Vinicius, Mateus Arago (Corinthians); Bismarck (Resende)
yellow cards: Riquelme (Corinthians); Medina (Resende)

Corinth: Alain Gobetti, Lou Mana, Alimo (Vitor), Robert Renan (Murillo), and Luis Mandaka (Ryan); Reginaldo, Kevin Vinicius, Riquelme (Guilherme Perrault), Felipe Augusto (Rodrigo Varanda); Matthews Arago and Giovanni (Daniel Marcos).
idiomatic: Diogo Seston

Resend: run out; Walter (g Carlos), Bixoto, Hals, and Douglas (Kowan); Joe Felipe (Samuel) and Indio (David) and Medina; Brendon (Cayo), Le Santos (Lo Pedro) and Bismarck.
idiomatic: Jeffer Percy

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