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Corinthians conceded a goal at the end and lost to Kerr in the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship

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Corinthians conceded a goal at the end and lost to Kerr in the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship
Corinthians conceded a goal at the end and lost to Kerr in the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship

On Thursday night, Corinthians visited Ceará in the 35th round of the Brazilian Championship 2021. In a match held at Arena Castellao, Thiago Nunes’ team defeated the team coached by Sylvinho 2-1.

Timão started the match poorly, with Ciara opening the scoring six minutes later, after a foul on Cassio’s ball. After that, Corinth remained on the offensive, but wasted many opportunities. With 40 minutes into the second stage, the team reached a draw with Roger Guedes. However, the advantage was short-lived and Ciara scored the second goal with Uni.

With the defeat, Corinthians stopped at 53 points in the Brazilian championship. Because of Fortaleza’s defeat, Timão is still fourth in the national championship, but his advantage over seventh place, Fluminense, drops to just two points.

Write it down, believer! The next Corinthian appointment is at home on Sunday. Timão hosts the Athletico Paranaense, in Round 36 of Brazil, in a match held at the Neo Química Arena Arena, at 4pm.

Lined up

Coach Silvino moved the team again, having embezzled from Giuliano, Cantello and Rooney. In addition, the coach and his committee avoided Fabio Santos and Renato Augusto, who were both exhausted. In doing so, the Corinthians started the game with the following lineup:

  • Cassius. Wagner, Joao Victor, Gil and Lucas Peyton; Gabriel, Luanne, Duqueiros, Gabriel Pereira, and Roger Geddes; profession


On the other hand, Thiago Nunes Ciara climbed with: Joao Ricciardo; Igor, Luiz Ottavio, Gabriel Lacerda and Bruno Pacheco; Fernando Sobral, Fabinho, Lima and Fina; Mendoza and Yael.

the game

First time

Encouraged by nearly 40,000 fans, Ciara started the match by putting pressure on Corinthians. The first arrival was with Fina, who kicked poorly and watched Cassio defend. After that, the goalkeeper Timão missed the ball and the host team opened the scoring with the midfielder.

Next, Corinthians dominated the match, while Ciara was looking for more counterattacks to attack Timão. In a move like that, Mendoza quickly ran out and kicked the ball, but the ball went too far from Cassio’s goal.

Corinthians continued to attack, but faced a lack of creativity to tie the match. In some performances, the midfielders made the wrong decisions and Ciara took advantage of that.

At the age of nineteen, Corinthians complained of a punishment. Gabriel Pereira made a beautiful solo play that two passed and a foul was made outside the area. The VAR scrutinized the display, which saw Fernando Sobral move away from the area. The player from Ceará is shown a yellow card.

After removing a corner kick from the Corinthians, Ceará had another counterattack. Mendoza started quickly, but finished and the ball went to touch. After that move, Veena got another chance with a slash, but he isolated the ball.

Corinthians’ first real arrival was within 35 minutes. Doe stole the ball, carried it and played in the GP, which opened with Róger Guedes. The 123rd jersey dribbled back to the 38, who spun and stopped in defense of João Ricardo to keep Ceará at the front of the scoreboard.

Minutes later, Corinthians, who scored on top of the ball, got another chance. Joao Victor stole the ball and it fell to Roger Guedes who hit the first time and Joao Ricardo saw a good save.

The last danger was in the first stage, which was marked by a wax of Ciara, with Jill. The number 4 shirt took advantage of the remaining ball and hit it, and the submission canceled Joao Ricardo’s goal.


Despite the negative result in the first stage, Corinthians de Silvino returned unchanged in the second half. Ciara was the same team in the first 45 minutes.

The owners of the house came back more attached to the second half. In a left-wing play, former Corinthians player Mendoza hit a low kick and Cassio made an easy defense. In six minutes, Vena felt his thigh and made way for Jorginho in Ciara.

The introduction of 1 Corinthians took seven minutes. Wagner threw on Doe who found a GP. The number 38 shirt saw Roger Guedes leave the ball to the striker to finish off Joao Ricciardo’s goal.

Without being able to upset Ciara too much, Sylvinho invited Willian and Renato Augusto to the match. Coach Luann and de Queiroz took over to put together the more experienced duo, 13 minutes into the second stage.

On his debut, Willian made a one-man show, but missed the pass to Lucas Peyton. On the counterattack, the side was not returned and Mendoza had the opportunity to extend the score, but he finished the match poorly and the ball went away.

In the 18th minute Ciara scored another counter-attack. Yael got off quickly, but Joao Victor recovered and pushed the ball away. In the bidding, Cássio was cautioned with a yellow card, as he requested a goal kick, while the referee awarded a corner kick. Two minutes later, Jorginho hit the net, but Timão goalkeeper saved well.

In the 24th minute, Sylvinho made another change in Corinthians. Gustavo Mosquito entered the vacant position of Gabriel Pereira. In the next step, Renato Augusto made a good move, crossed and Joe missed the ball in the face of the goalkeeper. Soon, 77 shirt received a perfect cross from Wagner, but he stopped at Joao Ricciardo.

In the 29th minute, Wagner made a mistake to kill Ciara’s counterattack and was given a yellow card. At 33, Corinthians pressed and almost made it to attack, after well played by Lucas Peyton and Gustavo Mosquito. In the 36th minute, Sylvinho made his last substitutions. Wagner and Gabriel left and gave space to Joao Pedro, who made his debut, and Vitinho.

Corinthians equalized in the 38th minute. Willian carries the ball down to the left and finds Roger Guedes, who cuts through the defender and takes a kick to equalize the match.

Soon, Ciara scored the second goal. Uni beat Joao Pedro at the top and header hard to break the tie.

Corinth did not surrender and continued to attack. Willian put in a good one-on-one and cross, but Gabriel Lacerda cut the ball before the ball reached Joe. After the corner kick, Gustavo Mosquito had a great opportunity, but he blocked the ball facing the goal. In the last minute of the match, he found the number 10 shirt Renato Augusto, but the midfielder with a weak header. With that, Timon lost 2-1.

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