October 3, 2023
Corinthians confirm open training at New Comica Arena and promises surprises for fans

Corinthians confirm open training at New Comica Arena and promises surprises for fans

Corinthians Confirmed training is open to fans at the Neo Química Arena Before the duel against Flamengo, for the Brazilian championship. The event that was initially announced before My dreamIt takes place on Friday night at 19 pm. Gates will be unlocked from 17:00.

The party will aim to bring the representatives closer to the crowd that, prior to the confrontation with Boca Juniors, made a movement across social networks to demand the event. However, due to the Conmebol protocols, the club was unable to respond to such an appeal and nothing was decided.

Access to the event will only be through the North, South, Near East, Upper East, Upper West, and Lower West segments. Entry will be exclusive For members of the Fiel Torcedor Program And the Free by donating 1 kg of non-perishable food or a warm coat.

The entry voucher must be issued on the website www.fieltorcedor.com.br It must be presented at the entrance to the event – in print or on the screen of a mobile device. The rescue opens on Thursday as follows:

  • 07/07 (5 p.m.): Open to all Fiel Torcedor members with 35 or more points, regardless of plan;
  • 07/07 (7 p.m.): Opening for the other non-background members of the Fiel Torcedor, regardless of plan.

Surprises and Yuri Alberto show

The event at the Neo Química Arena will go beyond a simple workout. Corinthians organize a great night at their stadium, with parties and training, and even promise surprises for those around.

The event organized by Timão should mark the first meeting of striker Yuri Alberto with Phil. Approved as a technical boost, the player lives on expectations to be available for Vitter Pereira from July 18, when the foreign transfer window opens in Brazil.


Friday’s Corinthians training session will be shown live for those who cannot attend Itaquira. The broadcast will be exclusive to SCCP Universe – Timão app available for Android and iOS.

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