October 1, 2022
Corinthians consultant updates the medical staff of Renato Augusto and Wagner;  See the status of the duo

Corinthians consultant updates the medical staff of Renato Augusto and Wagner; See the status of the duo

This Wednesday, Corinthians trained at CT Joaquim Grava. Renato Augusto and Wagner participated in the activity. Bruno Mazziotti, Health and Performance Consultant at Timão, has updated the players’ medical status. The professional explained why Renato Augusto was late against Internacional last Sunday.

Renato is an athlete in perfect condition for high performance soccer practice. He was having a fit, a shock, a lack of the match against him Fluminense, It developed positively in the Bragantino match, he played it 80 minutes, and then the repercussions were no longer good. Here we have a decision to weigh the benefit and risk of the athlete. So, automatically, if the athlete is exposed to more risks than benefits, both in terms of performance on the field and in training, we make the decision to take the athlete out and work separately and individually. Bruno Mazziotti said in an interview SCCP . Bulletinframe from Corinthian TV.

Renato Augusto felt his calf swell due to the shock and was unavailable for Vitor Pereira in Corinthians’ 2-2 draw against Internacional. After the confrontation, the Portuguese coach said he was concerned about the athlete’s recovery. Bruno Mazziotti announced that the midfielder has improved a lot this week.

“This is what happened with Renato so that the athlete does not stay away from matches and trains longer. He has developed very well this week, we have the possibility to start integrating Renato from this week and we will see that next step of his development. Progress is quite satisfactory.“, He said.

Bruno Mazziotti has also updated Fagner’s status. The side felt pain in the match against Internacional and was replaced during the match. The health and performance consultant said that the player felt this even before the duel against the Rio Grande do Sul team and that he is improving with treatment.

Wagner also developed well, showing a shrinking area after the match against Bragantino. I went into the game out of necessityBecause Rafa (Ramos) was still recovering. We chose to start with Wagner, who also had a negative reaction in the match against Internacional. Now, we’re working with Fagner, he’s been giving a great response in the context that he gave in the last game,” the pro declared.

In his second incantation in Corinth, Bruno Mazziotti has been working in Timão since July this year. The physical therapist said Fagner should develop in the next stages of training and added that the injury prevention work with the athletes at Alvinegro Club could still improve.

“We hope to develop with him in the next stages, let’s wait for these developments, because we very much like the science of the sport to be accurate, but it is not. We need to work on a daily basis, I’m a guy who pushes myself a lot, and I’m still not satisfied with the performance of our athletes, in the case of prevention. I came here with this responsibility, and I hold the responsibility to you, we have built this up over time and expect a different situation from next season onwards”, concluded Bruno Mazziotti.

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