June 6, 2023
Corinthians Council unfolds after delegate says Rafael Ramos will be indicted

Corinthians Council unfolds after delegate says Rafael Ramos will be indicted

Right-back Rafael Ramos, involved in an alleged racist injury case against Edinilson, of Internacional, has seen the topic gain a new chapter this week. Representative Roberto Sahagov, of the Rio Grande do Sul police in charge of investigating the case, said he would indict the Corinthians player. About the crime, even after the official expert’s report Consider lip-reading inconclusive. The leaders of the Alvenegro Club dealt with this issue.

“Let me tell you something. First, we are not lawyers. Our lawyer cares about this, and I personally find it ridiculous. Because the fact that the record is not conclusive does not indicate what he said nor does it indicate that he did not say it. So it’s Edinilson’s versus Raphael’s. The Corinthians hired two other institutions, which did the same forensic work, and both institutes submitted the report with a reading of Raphael’s lips, showing the words he said and he never said the word “monkey.” The legal discussions, and the lawyers, are interested in that,” said Roberto de Andrade, director of football.

“I hope this gets resolved as soon as possible, that’s a lot of pressure on Rafael, and for Edenilson we have to find a solution to that. These two reports employed by Corinth, also have criminal value, I don’t know if the legate is aware of it or not, this is in progress. The delegate might have anticipated his word a little, and now the lawyer would take care of it‘ the director concluded.

On this topic, Alessandro Nunes, director of football for Corinthians, was succinct. Delegate the situation to the experts and provide more individual details.

“You yourself are following everything that happened. The experience, the reports, I think if there was something more effective to happen, it would already be on the table,” said Alessandro.

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