June 25, 2022
Corinthians crush Ferroferia in meeting with Viel and secure a place in Paulista Women's Final

Corinthians crush Ferroferia in meeting with Viel and secure a place in Paulista Women’s Final

Corinthians hosted Ferrovia for the second match of the semi-finals for Paulistau Mulherr. Parque São Jorge won the match 4-1, over Arena Barueri, and secured the rankings for the tournament final.

On the overall scoreboard, Corinthians confirmed the 5-1 rating with the 2016 fans in attendance. This is the second time this season that Timão has eliminated Ferroviária in the semi-finals of the tournament. In September, Braba sent opponents to reach the Brazil final – later, the team confirmed the title against Palmeiras.

Now, Corinthians await the duel between Sao Paulo and Santos, on Monday, at 5 pm, to face the opponent in the Paulistau Mulherr final. It should be noted that Timão is looking for a three-time state championship.

right on time: The Paulistão Finals are scheduled for December. In November, Corinthians will compete for the 2021 Libertadores Championship. Timao travels this week and makes his debut on Thursday, 5:30pm, against San Lorenzo, of Argentina, in Paraguay.

Lined up

Coach Arthur Elias expected some changes in Sunday’s lineup, including Alfinegra’s goal. Kemelli gave way to Natasha, and in midfield, Ingryd came out to Diany’s entrance. So, the team went to the field with:

  • Natasha. Katie, Giovanna Campiolo, Erica and Jassim; Diani, Gabi Zanotti, and Tamiris; Gabe Portillo, Adriana and Vic Albuquerque.

My Timon

the game

First time

In the first minutes of the match, the highlight was Phil, who returned to meet the women’s team after more than a year without personally escorting Arthur Elias’ team.

Four minutes into the match, Corinthians began to roll the ball into the offensive field. Diani picked it up at the entrance to the area and took a risk, but the defense blocked it. Yasim then hit a corner kick, but goalkeeper Luciana avoided Vic Albuquerque’s header.

In seven minutes, another dangerous move from Corinth. The opponent Tamiris scored and crossed into the penalty area. Vic Albuquerque dove to the head and Luciana did a real miracle to prevent the 17th jersey from opening the scoring.

After a short time, it was Jasmine’s turn to show up well. The side regained the ball at the finish line and crossed into the area. Captain Tamires was up, but the defense hampered him and he couldn’t kick. In the remainder, Portilho recovered and called Adriana on the right. The number 16 jersey was presented, but he ended up being sent out.

Since then, the duel has become more and more contentious between the two teams. Railroads grew into the game and threatened Corinthians at times.

In the 27th minute, Portilho took off and found Vic Albuquerque at the entrance to the area. The 17th jersey rolled to Tamiris, who scrambled and kicked, but Luciana managed to turn around and drop off the crossbar. In the corner, Yassem hit it in the small penalty area and Gabi Zanotti shot it into the goal but sent it over the goal. The referee indicated that the number 10 shirt was offside in the bid.

At thirty-two, Corinthians had another corner. This time on the right side of the opponent’s defense. Diane shot in the small penalty area and defender Erika headed for his head. T-shirt 99 is over. A minute later, Tamiris came from the left and turned back in search of Gabi Zanotti. The No. 10 jersey hit the board, but it came out.

The railways attempted to respond to Corinthians’ attempts in 36 minutes. Raquel advanced and Katie raced to catch up with her opponent. In the corner, G. Campiolo took the opportunity to take the risk out of the way. Minutes later, the opposing team advanced down the middle with Rafael Mineira and forced goalkeeper Natasha to make a fine save at Arena Baruri.

In the last stage of the first half, in the 44th minute, Portillo advanced on the right flank, dribbled Anna Alice and played back. Diani and Yasim were praying but the last defender made the cut. On the other hand, Adriana received a heeled pass from Vic Albuquerque and kicked: the ball exploded on the crossbar!

The Corinthians goal came in addition to the match. Tamiris cross in the measure for Adriana to break the net! The 16 shirt made Faithful explode with joy after numerous attempts by the team to open a tag!


Upon their return for the second stage, Corinthians returned without any changes to the team that started the match. In addition, the team also started the last 45 minutes in the rain at Arena Barueri. Despite this, the goal was not long in coming.

Five minutes into the match, Gabi Zanotti received it from Gabi Portillo and the Corinthians shirt went straight to Luciana’s goal. The Corinthians midfielder scored her fifth goal in the fifth consecutive game against Ferrovia in 2021. The goal needed to be reviewed by the video referee, but it was validated.

In the 14th minute, Adriana advanced down the left side and waited for Vic Albuquerque to arrive. The 16 shirt fired the number 17, which he finished with perfection, forcing goalkeeper Luciana to make a good save.

In 20 minutes, reduced rail. Carol Tavares advanced down the left flank and tried to cross, but ended up scoring Natasha’s goal, reducing Alvenegra’s advantage to 2-1. But Corinth’s response did not take long!

At 23, Diane gave a masterful pass to Vic Albuquerque. The 17th shirt of Timao, alone, was not forgiven. Hit the bottom of the goal and took advantage of Corinthians 3-1 in Barueri!

After that, Arthur Elias made the first substitutions: Tamiris and Gabi Portillo left for Grazie and Mirias. On the way off the field, Ludmila, from Ferroviária, pushed Gabi Portilho and there was almost a start of a fight, but the nerves calmed down and they both got yellow cards.

It didn’t take long for Arthur Elias to move the bench for a second time: Jassim and Vic Albuquerque were replaced by Juliette and Jennifer. At 37, Gabi Zanotti, Katie and Diane gave Andrecinha, Poliana and Ingrid space on the lawn. She entered her little Andesen, and knocked Polyana on the head.

Ten minutes before the end of the match, part of the Corinthians fans were already shouting “excluded” for the opponent. In addition, Mireia, Timão’s top scorer in the competition, was ousted by Luciana. The referee made a mistake and scored the penalty kick for Corinthians: In the match, Adriana scored her second goal of the match and Timon’s fourth in a duel to close the rating.

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