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Corinthians determine the situation in Sub-23 and make plans for the idol Danilo; paying off

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Corinthians determine the situation in Sub-23 and make plans for the idol Danilo;  paying off
Corinthians determine the situation in Sub-23 and make plans for the idol Danilo;  paying off

Corinthians hit the hammer: the under-23 class is closed. My dream They discovered that the Corinthians Board of Directors had taken the decision to end the group’s activities and that the players and coaching staff were already aware of the situation.

With the decision made, president Duilio Monteiro Alves is considering what to do with former midfielder Danilo, who was the under-23 coach. The president’s intention is to keep the idol as an employee of Timão. Danilo should be transferred to another base class, but participation in the technical staff of a professional is not entirely excluded – although there is a lower chance.

Corinthians is also working to establish the status of players who have contracts tied to Sub-23. since last season, The club did not renew or terminate the contracts of 36 athletes. right Now, Only 15 remain under contract, seven of them on loan to other clubs.

Borrowers are:

  • Iago, goalkeeper – SãoJoseense-PR
  • Luan Victor, side – West
  • Igor Moraes, defender – Rio Branco Public Relations
  • Alan Ferreira, defender – West
  • Wesen, Mia The black bridge
  • Nathan Palafoz, striker Racing de Ferrol ESP
  • John Clipper, striker – Rio Branco Public Relations

Among the eight athletes who do not have a specific destination yet, the scenario can be divided into three:

  1. the side Igor Formiga On his way to play in Ponte Preta and the defender leo heaven You only have one month to go. These are the two more advanced cases that are easy to solve;
  2. defender john still He is recovering from surgery on his right knee and a saw This is why your bond is renewed, Only until May this year. The player belongs to Vitoria and is on loan to Timão.
  3. defenders Heitor Casagrande and Gabriel Araújo, Steering wheel Kai Souza and the attackers Rafael Bello and Matthew Mathias They are the five athletes who still have ties and the Alvinegra Board needs to find an interested club or terminate the contract in advance.

The Corinthians Under-23 class began its activities in January 2019 with a promise to host athletes who had reached the age of 20 and were not ready for the professional team, giving them space and time to mature. But what was seen was an increase in signings with unknown players. Exclusive portal survey My dream It showed that at least 44 athletes were employed in the U-23 Championship.

Defensive midfielder Rooney was the only player to reach professional status “saved” by the U-23 team, having reached the age of 20 and was able to stay at the club until he had a chance in the main team. Raul Gustavo came to train and play friendly matches, but he never played in official matches.

The results on the field weren’t good either. In the three years of existence, she played 46 matches spread over 16 victories, 15 draws and 15 defeats. 45.65% performance. Alfinegro players scored 53 goals and conceded 51. The team played in the Brasileiros Esperance, in the three years, and in the Copa Paulista in 2019. See the season-by-season performance below.

Corinthians Sub-23 flashbacks since 2019

2019 season

Games played: 18
Checked points: 23
Uses: 42.59%
Wins: 6
links: 5
defeats: 7
Aim for: 16 (0.89 per game)
Match goals: 18 (1.00 per game)

season 2020

Games played: 14
Checked points: 19
Uses: 45.24%
Wins: 5
links: 4
defeats: 5
Aim for: 21 (1.50 per game)
Match goals: 23 (1.64 per game)

2021 season

Games played: 14
Checked points: 21
Uses: 50.00%
Wins: 5
links: 6
defeats: 3
Aim for: 16 (1.14 per game)
Match goals: 10 (0.71 per game)

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