March 31, 2023
Corinthians finally scores and draws against Fluminense in the Copa del Rey semi-finals

Corinthians finally scores and draws against Fluminense in the Copa del Rey semi-finals

Corinthians managed to equalize in the 45th minute of the second half on Wednesday evening, against Fluminense, At the Maracana stadium. After falling behind twice, Timão sought parity in the first and last stages. Renato Augusto and Roger Geddes scored the goals for Corinthians.

The scoreboard is built at the start of each run for the hosts. The first goal came with a penalty kick by Gansu committed by rolling the ball in seconds. The second came 50 seconds into the final stage, with Arias.

The result gives Parque São Jorge the chance to qualify for the Copa Brasil Final with a simple win in the second leg, at the Neo Química Arena. Another draw takes the decision of penalties. The match is scheduled to continue three weeks from now, on September 15th, at 20:00 (Brasilia time).

Write it down, believer! – Corinthians’ next commitment will be on Monday, August 29, for the Brazilian Championship. Team Parque São Jorge welcomes Red Bull Bragantino, 9:30pm (Brazilian time), at the Neo Química Arena.


This was followed by Timao with some absences, such as defender Raul and midfielder Rooney, and also did not rely on Giuliano. With that, the team went to the field with Cassius. Wagner, Jill, Balbuena and Fabio Santos; Fausto, Duqueros and Renato Augusto; Edson, Roger Geddes and Yuri Alberto.

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The first half practically started in 1 to 0 For fluorescence. After pressure from Corinthians for the ball, Manuel launched the attack and Fabio Santos lost in his body to Mateus Martins. The midfielder activated Kano who crossed the second post. Arias arrived kicking and Wagner stopped him.

The referee saw normal play live, but was called to the VAR because after Wagner blocked the ball, his sole hit the Colombian’s foot. Abate Abel decided to award the penalty kick and the yellow card to the Corinthians defender. On the hit, Gansu walked towards the ball and knocked Cássio off, sending it into the left corner, while Archer fell to the right.

The start gave more confidence to Fluminense, who continued to exchange his passes on the attacking field and managed to engage the Corinthians defense at times. However, on the best move, Arias ended up stamping Wagner’s last from the edge of the area.

Corinthians managed to get him straight into the field after about 20 minutes, and soon after, he won a gift from Fluminense. Touching Nonato, Andre did not reach and the ball remained with Yuri Alberto. The striker left the mark behind and, facing an unorganized line of the opponent, gave a good pass to Renato Augusto. The midfielder took it from Fabio and made it 1 for 1.

Alfinegro’s goal was a blow this time around for the hosts, who were no longer able to pass the ball easily. Corinthians restricted the match to the attacking midfielder and had more chances than the opponent until the end of the first half.

At first, he greeted Roger Guedes at the entrance to the area, put him in his left foot and perilously kicked Fabio’s goal. Soon, Doe surrendered after a corner kick left, but kicked poorly. At their best, Renato stole from Manuel and Yuri Alberto left one-to-one with Nino, but the striker ended up unarmed.

The best show ever in this period was from the hosts. Playing on the right side, Mateus Martins managed to get a good cross and found Kano in the area. The striker hit a powerful header and Cassio made a great save.


Even with morale restored in the second half, Corinthians were once again able to be caught off guard by a fast ball on the backs of the sides. This time, Wagner was slow to respond to the throw and came face to face with Chris Silva with Casio. Across, Jill partially veered and hit Arias a nice kick to make 2 to 1.

Timao almost reacted quickly when, two minutes later, Renato Augusto found Edson breaking free inside the penalty area, passing from wing to wing. The midfielder dominated Manuel but sealed Nino’s coverage at the time of the kick.

Fluminense’s answer came shortly after. Protected by Balbuena’s mark and kicking hard, Kano within the Corinthian region, received a cross. Casio made a great save. The ball went sideways, and after a quick hit, Matthews Martins Fausto kicked it out.

After pressing, Corinthians once again at least managed to clear Fluminense possession of the ball from their own net, even if they did not come out on counter-attacks as we saw in the first stage. The match became lukewarm after 15 minutes.

Sensing this, the coaches made a total of five substitutions in the distance between 34 and 40 minutes. In addition to two Fluminense entries, he sent Vítor Pereira Ramiro, Mateus Vital and Gustavo Mosquito to the field for the final stretch of the match. Edson, Renato Augusto and Yuri Alberto left the field.

When everything seemed to be fine, Wagner found a nice pass for Roger Guedes, who protected Nino from reaching and left everything as is. 2 to 2 A vacancy to be determined in Itaquera.

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