January 27, 2023
Corinthians manager confirms sale of Gabriel Pereira

Corinthians manager confirms sale of Gabriel Pereira

Roberto de Andrade, Corinthians’ director of football, has confirmed the sale of Gabriel Pereira. The attacking midfielder was in negotiations with Citigroup It must be headed to New York City, from the United States.

It has been sold. The final stage of the amendment will be devoted to Monday or TuesdayRoberto de Andrade told a journalist Alexander Pretzel. It is noteworthy that the manager only confirmed the negotiations, but there are still details that need to be confirmed by the club. The deal may be announced as early as this week.

It’s worth remembering, last Friday, a report my wheel I found the sale should be around $4 to $5 million. Moreover, it is important to highlight that The club has worked to preserve 70% of the rights of the athletesthe value that Timão received in the contract signed with the player.

Gabriel Pereira tends to play for FC New York City, which is a first division club in the United States. The team is part of the same City group, which also runs Manchester City, from England; Girona, Spain, for example.

Gabriel Pereira played 47 matches for Corinthians and scored two goals. The trend is not to be used by Vitor Pereira, the recently appointed Corinthians coach who made his debut last Saturday, against Sao Paulo. Gabriel Pereira was not associated with Majestic.

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