July 14, 2024

Corinthians meet group and opponents from Paulisto’s first stage in 2022; see info

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Corinthians meet group and opponents from Paulisto's first stage in 2022;  see info
Corinthians meet group and opponents from Paulisto's first stage in 2022;  see info

Early on Tuesday afternoon, the Paulista Football Association held the draw for Paulistao 2022 groups. The competition is scheduled to start on January 26 and end on April 3. Corinth met his key in the state.

Timão is in Group A, with Água Santa, Guarani and Inter de Limeira. As per the slate, then, Alvinegra faces the other 12 teams that make up the other three switches – See all groups below.

The state championship schedule is expected to be released soon. As usual, the Big Four are in different keys, and for this reason, they must face each other in the first stage. All league matches will use VAR.

As in recent years, the state’s first phase will include 12 rounds, with teams from one group facing all teams from the other groups. The best two from each group advance to the quarter-finals and meet in one match. The semi-final matches will also be a single match. Back-and-forth duels only happen at the Great State Decision.

Finally, the ceremony also presented the competition ball. The ball used in Paulistão 2022 is the most sustainable ball in the world, having received maximum approval and certification from FIFA. S11 Ecoknit, by Penalty, is made from natural rubber, biodegradable yarns, materials extracted from sugarcane and recyclable fabrics obtained from PET bottles.

It should be noted that the Paulistão 2022 dispute will be broadcast by TV recording and by Youtube Each of them is entitled to 16 matches. on the closed TV, HBO Max NS TNT Stadium There will be 28 matches throughout the competition. There will be 24 in the first stage, one from the quarter-finals, semi-finals and two.

2022 Championship groups Sao Paulo

Group A

  • Corinthians
  • holy water
  • Guarani
  • Inter Limera

group b

  • Sao Paulo
  • St. Bernard
  • Railroad

group c

  • Palm trees
  • Botafogo SP
  • Ituano
  • Mirasol

group d

  • Santos
  • Saint Andre
  • black bridge
  • Red Bull Bragantino

See more at: Campeonato Paulista.

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