May 31, 2023
Corinthians negotiate Yuri Alberto until 2025 and may not use the 'war clause'

Corinthians negotiate Yuri Alberto until 2025 and may not use the ‘war clause’

Corinthians have made talks to rely on striker Yuri Alberto, who is currently defending Zenit, from Russia, according to a reveal. My Timon. Some bureaucratic details are still being negotiated, but the club’s desire is to be the athlete until 2025, as well as not having to use FIFA’s war clause.

This article stipulated by FIFA states that players with existing contracts with Russian and Ukrainian clubs can be suspended until June 2023. It is worth noting that Corinthians used this design to hire Maycon. Each club can have two players in these circumstances, so Timão is trying to negotiate with Yuri Alberto without using this clause, in order to use the “vacancy” in the future – As, for example, with Balbuena, as I reported earlier my wheel.

In addition, Corinthians’ desire is to be able to count on the striker until 2025. For this, there is a possibility that Parque São Jorge club will involve Alfinegro athlete in the negotiations. Earlier on Friday, Zenit coach Sergei Semark admitted that Yuri Alberto would not continue in the Russian team. According to him, The player has priority to play at another club.

Corinthians’ search for a striker began after the contract with Joe was terminated. In addition to this fact, the club is aware of the possibility of new departures, which will free up the club’s salaries. Finally, the board also considers it important to strengthen his team for competitions in the second half of the year.

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