February 1, 2023

Corinthians obtain a debt-clearing certificate and treat it as an “off-the-field victory”; You understand

Corinthians on Wednesday announced an “off-the-field achievement” with the issuance of a certificate of debt clearance related to federal tax and active union debt, valid through June 2023. The document proves that the corporation is in good standing with the Federal Revenue Service and also that there are no outstanding debts in the Federation’s Active Debt.

“Since the beginning, our management has worked, a lot, to balance the club’s finances and make Corinthians stronger and more respectable. This is another great achievement that shows that we are on the right track, the result of a serious, efficient and responsible management with club commitments,” president Duilio Montero Alves said in an official statement. “.

In advertising through the application scp universe, Corinthians announced that the certificate had been issued, which would be “another great victory, this time off the field”. After all, as the club knows, Doc Corinthians are allowed to claim funds provided by the Federal Sports Incentives ActWhat can and should help the club invest in Olympic sports and make them more “strong and self-sustaining”, In addition to the possibility of investments that will be allocated to training athletes in the basic categories of football.

The certificate, which the club has not obtained since 2017, confirms the settlement of the club’s financial obligations and was celebrated by the board of directors together with the legal and financial team as a victory for the administration of President Duilio Monteiro Alves.

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