December 4, 2022
Corinthians offers: Casio holds up well and keeps Timao alive |  Corinthians

Corinthians offers: Casio holds up well and keeps Timao alive | Corinthians

Casio [GOL]: He saved well during the first half, highlighting bids with Pedro, Everton Ribeiro and Thiago Maia. At the start of the final stage, he made another crucial one to dodge the goal in ending Gabigol. Keep level. Note: 7

Wagner [LAD]: He lost a dangerous ball to Pedro. He made up for it with a lot of fights and disagreements in the attack, organizing some moves, but making mistakes in other simple moves. Note: 5.5

generation [ZAG]: Matching when needed and exited zero. Highlighting Gabriel’s obstruction in Cassio’s defense. I slept in the final stage, and wrapped up a good, safe match. Note: 7

chatter [ZAG]: Along the same lines as Gill, he didn’t have big cuts or symbolic plays in defense, but he responded when needed. Note: 6

Fabio Santos [LAE]: He came to the attack a lot, exchanging passes with Roger Guedes. Offensive support helped the team build some moves. In the back, it gave some space. Note: 6

Corinthians semi-final against Flamengo – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

de Queiroz [VOL]: A shot from outside the area in the first half was dangerous. Brigador as Wagner in the tag, cooperated, though reckless. Never played a great game. Note: 5.5

Faust [VOL]: Well withdrew, a little involved in the ball outside. Try a good step at the beginning of the final stage. He got better and tried more offensive moves in the last stage. Note: 5.5

Renato Augusto [MEI]: She is the brain of the team, without a doubt. He expresses plays very well and participates in decisive movements. Gill gave a great cross in the first half. Constant movement helps to participate in the game at all times. Note: 7

addition [ATA]: Hardworking and bold. He tried to participate, but was hit by a flamingo pointing. He showed a slight improvement in the first minutes of the final stage, but was replaced. Note: 5.5

Best moments: Corinthians 0 x 0 Flamengo, for the 2022 Copa del Rey final

Yuri Albert [ATA]: Good at spinning, kicks from outside the area with danger and has good shots, stops when unlucky or on watch. Note: 6

Roger Geddes [ATA]: Renato Augusto left in front of the goal in the first stage. Participate a lot in the game. Without great performances, he was substituted just before the middle of the second half. I didn’t like to go out and complained to the bank. Note: 5.5

Matthews Vital [MEI]: He entered the vacancy of Róger Guedes and started well to the left of the attack. Collaborated, although there are no highlights. Note: 5.5

Juliano [MEI]: Renato Augusto entered a vacancy and tried to equalize the offensive move and in drafting plays, but was unable to be effective. He kicked weakly when he had the chance. Note: 5

Ramiro [VOL]: He roamed the area a lot, tried to get involved in the game, but ended up with little to no effectiveness. Note: 5.5

mosquito gustavo [ATA]: Very sharp, he managed to reach the end result, which Adson faced. However, also not being able to break through the red and black siege. Note: 5.5

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