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Corinthians ran against Ituano for Kopenia with a devastating start and goals – 01/12/2022

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Corinthians ran against Ituano for Kopenia with a devastating start and goals - 01/12/2022
Corinthians ran against Ituano for Kopenia with a devastating start and goals - 01/12/2022

the Corinthians In the third stage of Sao Paulo Junior Cup. With strong support from the fans in São José dos Campos, Timão advanced by no less than 5 to 0 in Ituano and is still alive in search of an eleventh title of the tournament. The victory brought a crushing start to Alemao and Giovanni, who scored even before the tenth minute. In the second half, Keven, Gevane and Varanda completed the round.

Now with 11 goals in Copina, Corinthians still have 100% success in their four games so far. In the third stage, the opponent will be Resende-RJ, who tied with Fortaleza in regular time (1 to 1) and advanced on penalties (4 to 3). It should be noted that the two teams had already met in the group stage, and the match ended with Sao Paulo winning 2-1.

Defender with top scorer

Corinthians started the game and took the helm and practically secured a place in the first 10 minutes. First, with the German defender who received inside the area and covered the goalkeeper Jan with a touch worthy of a killer striker, in the eighth minute only.

Assistive kick kick for the second goal

Two minutes later, a broken ball right there in the middle of the field turned into an excellent pass for another Corinthians goal. In an attempt to stave off the danger, defender Robert resorted to the kick, which was still in the middle. Giovanni was faster than Ituano’s defence, went free in front of goal and hit hard with his left leg to swell the net. Corinthians still had real chances to score the third and fourth goals even before the 30th minute, but it was almost too late. On the other hand, without being able to draw a minimal reaction, Ituano practically did not reach the opponent’s goal.

Long shots turn victory into defeat

Corinthians continued to search for more goals without coming out in the second half. Players have the luxury of trying out daring plays, and take turns shooting from distance. On some shots, goalkeeper Jane was unhurt. In other cases, such as in Keven’s kick from outside the area, Ituano 1’s shirt slipped, but ended up seeing the ball find the left corner of his goal. Minutes later, Jan rebounded from Reginaldo’s shot, and unfortunately for him, Giovanni was in the small area to score Corinthians’ fourth goal (and second in the match).

The balcony closes the kick with the goal

One of the players involved in the second half was Rodrigo Varanda. This was probably the most beautiful goal of the night. Upon receiving inside the area, the striker took the cue with a light touch, raised the ball again and kicked from the right flank into the goalkeeper’s corner. A goal to close the score and completely defeat Corinthians’ hand. From 5 to 0 the final score.

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