February 8, 2023
Corinthians receive an offer from Grupo City by Gabriel Pereira;  The new contract is still not registered

Corinthians receive an offer from Grupo City by Gabriel Pereira; The new contract is still not registered

The Corinthians may lose an important piece in the coming days. That’s because he received an offer to sell Gabriel Pereira, a player who made his first season as a professional in 2021, abroad.

According to the information received from Ge.comOh Parque São Jorge club has a proposal from City GroupManchester City is the pioneer. at the expense of Closing the transfer period in Europe, the trend is for the player to move to New York City, which plays in the MLS, in the USA..

According to the journalist Jorge Nicolawho also provided the information, The offer will be 5 million euros for Timão. In today’s transfer, just over R$28 million.

At Corinthians since 2017, arriving after being spotlighted at Guarani, the GP started his career in 2021. On October 31 last year, it was announced that his contract had been renewed. On this occasion, an official note was published on the club’s website and social networks with pictures of the player signing the contract along with the managers and their agents.

Although Corinthians announced the agreement with Gabriel Pereira and his clients, The new bond was not registered with the CBF and FPF until Wednesday evening, as revealed by My dream. Therefore, the new player’s contract values ​​with the club may not be valid.

Precisely for this reason, should negotiations conclude, Corinthians will need to clarify the terms that are valid in the agreement between the clubs. The main differences are: the percentage of economic rights owned by Timão, which was 70% in the old contract and in the new unregistered contract 65%; The termination fine stipulated in the new agreement is €100 million.

Gabriel Pereira made his professional debut for Corinthians in August 2020, in the defeat to Atlético Mineiro. Since then, the shirt has played 38 47 matches, scoring two goals.

Look at the numbers of Gabriel Pereira for Corinthians

Games played: 47
Checked points: 75
Uses: 53.19%
Wins: 21
links: 12
losses: 14
Target for: 58 (1.23 per game)
Match goals: 42 (0.89 per game)
Gabriel Pereira goals: two
Yellow cards for Gabriel Pereira: 4
Gabriel Pereira sent off: 0

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