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Corinthians scores in overtime, overtakes Commercial and takes the lead in Copina

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Corinthians scores in overtime, overtakes Commercial and takes the lead in Copina
Corinthians scores in overtime, overtakes Commercial and takes the lead in Copina

Corinthians experienced drama against the retired Commercial, but managed to qualify for the third stage of the Sao Paulo Cup after winning 1-0, with a goal from Wesley in stoppage time.

  • The match of the second stage of the Copa del Rey was played at Fonte Luminosa in Araraquara.
  • the Corinthians He dominated the match from the first minute, but had difficulty getting past Comercial’s defensive block;
  • Wesley hit a beautiful shot from outside the area to keep Corinthians alive in the competition;
  • Corinthians scored earlier with Felipe Augusto, but the referee ruled it out for offside.
  • Danilo’s team faces sports at the next stage, at an unspecified date and time.

the game

Corinth dominates, but stops in commercial prosperity. Coach Danilo’s charges occupied the opponent’s field, where they exchanged passes freely, but collided in a compact commercial, which often had 11 players on defense.

Al-Tijari exploits the flaws to test goalkeeper Kawi. Despite the dominance, the capital city side, Sao Paulo, suffered from some concerns during the first half, largely due to a lack of interest from its players. When they pressed the opponent’s ball, Ribeirao Preto’s team started attacking freely and finished off Kawi’s goal.

Danilo moves, and Corinthians gain space, but fail to finish. The Corinthian coach entered the second half with three changes and watched his team move and take advantage of the spaces left by Comercial, who took advantage of the opportunity little by little to attack. Felipe Augusto was the most requested, but Parque Sao Jorge’s side had no clear chance to open the scoring.

Kauê lights up and saves the Corinthians against Comercial. The Ribeirão Preto team “got used to” the pressure of the club in the capital and decided to test the opposing goalkeeper. Kawi rounded off the goal with kicks from Matheus Teixeira and Koa.

Wesley’s accurate kick puts Corinthians into the next stage. Corinthians are accustomed to drama, but Wesley did not want to prolong the suffering and hit a beautiful shot in injury time to classify the team from Sao Paulo.


Not worth! Corinthians reached the expected goal in the 34th minute of the second half, but the referee canceled it. On a corner kick, Joao Pedro deflected off the first post, Wesley headed it in and Felipe Augusto put it at the bottom of the goal. The assistant referee indicated Wesley was offside.

1 x 0: In the 48th minute of the second half, Wesley finished from outside the area without a chance for goalkeeper Thiago. The ball stopped in the left corner of Commercial’s goal.

data sheet

Corinthians x Commercial

competition: The second stage of the Sao Paulo Cup
date and time: January 12, 2023, 9:45 PM (Brasilia time)
Place: Fonte Luminosa, in Araraquara, São Paulo
Rule: Joao Vitor Gobbi
Assistants: Rodrigo Meirelles Bernardo and Felipe Camargo Moraes
Yellow cards: Kayke (Corinthians); Mateus Oliveira (commercial)

Corinthians: Cayo. Kybera, Joao Pedro, Murillo, Vitor Mir; Thomas (Gabriel Muscardo), Matheus, Pedon (Juninho), Pedrino (Felipe Augusto); Kiki (Wesley), Arthur Souza (Hegor). Technical: Danilo.

commercial: Thiago. Luca, Oliveira, Burato, Igor; Matao, Lima, Mian, Chiari (Pablo); Kawa, Mateus Teixeira. Technical: Junino Nogueira

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