December 5, 2023
Corinthians vs Athletico: Watch where to watch, line up, embezzlement and judging |  Brazilian series

Corinthians vs Athletico: Watch where to watch, line up, embezzlement and judging | Brazilian series

Timão emerges from a frustrating 2-2 draw with Juventude, the league’s lamp holder, at Caxias do Sul. The match was marked by individual errors by Raul Gustavo and Gustavo Mosquito, who “kicked goals on a tray” for the opponent, as identified by Vitor Pereira. A stumble prevented Timão from overtaking the Fluminense and taking third place in the table.

Corinthians x Athletico Record – Photo: ge

The match is the last for Corinthians before the first game of the Copa do Brasil final, scheduled for Wednesday, 12th, against Flamengo, at the New Coimica Arena.

The Hurricane also arrived from a 1-1 draw with Fortaleza, at Arena da Baixada, and missed the chance to cheat in the G-4 once again. In addition, Team G-6 came close to Atlético-MG’s seventh game and reduced the difference to two points. The Hurricane is sixth with 48 points and is trying to end its double fast: Corinthians have not won away from home since 2009 and have never won at the New Coimica Arena.

PVC analyzes Corinthians vs Athletico-PR, for Round 31 of Brazil

PVC analyzes Corinthians vs Athletico-PR, for Round 31 of Brazil

flow: Sportv and Premiere (for all Brazil) with Milton Light narration and commentary by Mauricio Noriega and Ricardinho.

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Corinthians – Coach: Vitor Pereira

Despite having his entire squad at his disposal, save for the confirmed absence of Gil, suspended, and the possible absence of Junior Moraes, who is already training with the group, but comes off without a beat, Vitor Pereira must spare his companions thinking about the final of the Copa do Brasil on Wednesday. . Fausto Vera is back from suspension and could appear in the team that starts play on Saturday.

With this, players like Rafael Ramos, Bruno Mendes, Ramiro and Mateus Vital should earn more minutes on the pitch against Atletico. “Fomenhas” Yuri Alberto and Roger Geddes can alternate during the match.

Who is out: Jill (pending).

spoon: Addison, Giovanni, and Giuliano.

Possible escalation: Cassius. Rafael Ramos, Bruno Mendes, Raul Gustavo and Lucas Peyton; Fausto Vera, Ramiro and Giuliano; Edson, Matthews Vital and Yuri Alberto (Roger Guedes).

Corinthians potential line-up for the match against Atletico in the 31st round of Brazil – Photo: ge

Athlete Coach: Luiz Felipe Scolari

Filipao plays defender Pedro Henrique and striker Vitor Rock, who are both suspended. The defender was still recovering from 10 ankle points and challenged a vacancy with Mateus Felipe to take over as captain Thiago Heleno, who is currently serving suspension.

Left-back Abner is also available after twisting his ankle and out for a month. The red and black coach also said he could spare players due to wear and tear, and midfielder Fernandinho did not travel.

Possible escalation: Benedict. Khalvin, Pedro Henrique (Mateus Philip), Nico Hernandez, Abner; Eric, Alex Santana, and David Terrance; Canopio, Vitigno and Pablo (Vitor Rock).

He is likely to face Atletico Corinthians – Image: ge

embezzlement: Fernandinho (survived); Thiago Heleno (suspended); Gulimar, Rinaldo and Marcelo Sereno (Medical Department).

spoon: Filipao, Hugo Moura, Fernandinho, Matthews Fernandez, Leo Citadini, Vitor Bueno and Pablo.

  • Rule: Anderson Daronko (FIFA-RS)
  • Auxiliaries: Rodrigo Figueiredo Enrique Correa (FIFA) and Rafael da Silva Alves (FIFA)
  • Fourth ruling: Joao Vitor Joby (SP)
  • Video Assistant Referee: Rafael Tracy (SC)