October 2, 2022
Corinthians vs Bragantino: Watch where to watch, line up, embezzlement and judging |  Brazilian series

Corinthians vs Bragantino: Watch where to watch, line up, embezzlement and judging | Brazilian series

a Corinthians He goes to the field after the draw in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Copa de Brazil, against Fluminense, in the Maracana. But in Brazil he did not win three rounds. Vítor Pereira wants to rediscover the winning path to stay at the top of the table. Timao is fourth with 39 points.

There are three matches without a win Bragantino He seeks to end the fast to try to get closer to the teams in the Libertadores classification zone. Massa Protta has 31 points in 11th place.

Corinthians x Bragantino record – Photo: ge

flow: the first show (per Brazil), with narration by Everaldo Marquez and commentary by Mauricio Noriega and Richarlison.

At present: a General Electric Tracks every movement in the game Click here to continue.

Corinthians Coach: Vitor Pereira

With a full week, Vítor Pereira could repeat some names in the starting lineup, also due to possible absences. The coach must take to the field a team that includes players such as Renato Augusto, Roger Guedes and Yuri Alberto, Timão .’s New Perfect Trio.

Bruno Mendes and Lucas Peyton are two sure things in defence, which still have doubts: between Wagner and Rafael Ramos on the right and between Gil and Balbuena in defence. Mateusz Vital and Ramiro are two options in the midfield, with Giuliano tending to miss.

Who is out: Giuliano (bronchitis), Raúl Gustavo (pain in the adductor muscle of the right thigh), Maicon (strength and gym training), and Junior Moraes and Rooney (pain in the right knee).

spoon: De Queiroz, Fausto Vera, Giovanni, Giuliano and Raul Gustavo.

Possible lineup: Casio. Wagner (Rafael Ramos), Bruno Mendes, Gil (Balbuena) and Lucas Peyton; Cantello (Fausto Vera), Duqueros and Renato Augusto; Gustavo Mosquito, Roger Guedes and Yuri Alberto.

The possible line-up for Corinthians in the match against Bragantino in the 24th round of Brazil – Photo: GE

Bragantino Coach: Mauricio Barbieri

Coach Mauricio Barbieri did not have the Helinho striker, suspended for the third yellow card. It is likely that Sorriso or Carlos Eduardo will play on the left side of the attack.

Striker Alerandro, who sustained a left hamstring injury on July 20, has recovered and is back in the squad. The line-up as a rookie, however, is uncertain due to the time he has been without playing.

Who is out: Helinho (hanging) and Kawê (shoulder pain).

spoon: Alerandro, Carlos Eduardo, Leo Realbe, Luan Candido and Sorriso.

Possible assortment: Clayton. Aderlan, Leo Ortiz, Nathan and Luan Candido; Raul, Lucas Evangelista and Heoran; Artur, Sorriso and Carlos Eduardo (Alerandro).

Bragantino will likely face Corinthians – Photo: ge

  • Rule: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (FIFA – GO)
  • Auxiliaries: Cristhian Passos Sorence (GO) and Luanderson Lima dos Santos (BA)
  • Fourth ruling: Slim Fendi Chavez (SP)
  • Video referee: Thiago Duarte Peixoto (SP)