January 28, 2023
Corinthians x Avai: Watch Where to Watch, Line Up, Embezzlement and Arbitration |  Brazilian series

Corinthians x Avai: Watch Where to Watch, Line Up, Embezzlement and Arbitration | Brazilian series

Timão started to beat Botafogo Brasílerao with a power: 3 to 1, away from home, even saving some holders. Then, on Wednesday, the team led by Vitor Pereira beat again, this time over Deportivo Cali, 1-0, in the Libertadores.

The Hawaii He beat América-MG in the opening round and is looking to score a second victory to start well in the Brazilian Championship. Coach Eduardo Baroca had a free week to get the players back and prepare the team for the duel. In recent days, the club announced the signings of William Boetker, Jean Berry, Dentino and Marcinho, but only the latter was listed.

In the era of running stitches, Hawaii never won Corinthians in Sao Paulo. There were seven matches, with five defeats and two draws. Even one of them The Lion of the Island was taken down Class II in 2015.

To Timão’s surprise, Santa Catarina hold onto Eduardo Baroca’s latest score at the Neo Química Arena. In 2021, the coach led Atlético-GO, winning twice as a visitor at the opponent’s home.

in history, Corinthians And Hawaii They have already faced each other 15 times, with seven victories for Vingra, five draws and three victories for Leão da Ilha.

Renata Mendonca analyzes Corinthians and Avai for the second round of Brazil 2022

flow: The premiere of all Brazil.

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Corinthians Coach: Vitor Pereira

Timao has doubts about the squad. The only thing certain is that Vitor Pereira will encourage many changes, as the athletes have not had much time to recover since the match against Deportivo Cali, last Wednesday.

Twenty-eight players are listed, and five of them will be cut hours before the match.

With Wagner suspended, newly signed full-back Rafael Ramos could debut Corinthians. and portuguese It was presented last Friday He discusses the title with Joao Pedro.

Who is out: Wagner (suspension), Robson Bamboo (a first-degree injury to the anterior rectus muscle of the right thigh), as well as Luanne and Rowan Oliveira (physical transition after injuries).

Possible escalation: Cassio, Rafael Ramos (Joao Pedro), Joao Victor, Raul Gustavo and Lucas Beaton; Cantello (Rone), de Queiroz and Giuliano; Addison (Gustavo Mosquito), Roger Geddes and Junior Moraes.

Possible lineup for Corinthians vs. Avai – Photo: ge

Hawaii Coach: Eduardo Baroca

The Avaian captain may repeat the first round roster. Midfielder Bruno Silva has been suffering from ankle pain all week, but he traveled with the delegation and is linked to the confrontation. Thus, the trend is for the trio of midfielders to be formed once again by Raniel, Bruno and Vinicius Light.

Who is out: Renato (bone edema) and Romulo (intramuscular).

potential team: Douglas. Kevin, Bressan, Arthur Chaves, and Cortez; Raniel, Bruno Silva and Vinicius Light; Morato, Kobeti and Muriqui.

You will likely encounter Avai Corinthians – Photo: ge.globo

  • to rule: Bruno Arleu de Araujo (FIFA) – RJ
  • Helper 1: Rodrigo Figueiredo Enrique Correa (FIFA) – RJ
  • Helper 2: Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho – RJ
  • Fourth ruling: Douglas Marques das Flores – SP
  • Video Assistant Referee: Pablo Ramon Goncalves Pinero – RN