May 31, 2023

Coritiba Team: Kocevic and Gabriel Vasconcelos travel to face Cuiaba | Curitiba

a Curitiba Boarded this Friday morning to face Cuiaba, in the eighth round of the Brazilian championship. The two teams face each other on Saturday, 6:30 PM (Brasilia time), at the Pantanal Arena.

Alviverde will have some news. One of them is Defender KocevicWho is recovering from a groin injury and returning after missing the team’s last four matches. who also returns Goalkeeper Gabriel Vasconcelos. He felt pain in his knee last week, came off against Atlético MG and should now resume his place in the starting line-up.

Who also promotes Curitiba is Willian Farias steering wheelwho recovered from a muscle problem and became an option for midfield.

Another new face in the journey is Midfielder Gabriel Silvalisted for the first time in Curitiba since his appointment in April.

On the other side, The striker is Roberto Commentary serves and stays. Holder in the last two games, and Midfielder Marcelino Moreno It had nothing to do with Kuyaba’s face. Curitiba did not disclose the reason. a Striker Rodrigo Pinho Nor did he travel.

This week, goalkeeper Sidney, counselor defender, defensive midfielder Juan Diaz, and forwards William Butker and Matheus Cadorini have all started training at alternate times, in internal changes made by the FA.

With this scenario, it is likely that Coritiba will be Gabriel Vasconcelos. Bruno Viana, Kocevic and Henrique (Villar or Victor Luis); Nathaniel, Willian Farias (Boschilia), Bruno Gomez, Lezero and Jamerson; Caio Cesar and Robson.

At the bottom, Coritiba is still looking for its first victory in the Brazilian Championship and has yet to score away from home.

Curitiba on the plane in Cuiaba – Photo: Thiago Ribeiro / ge