January 28, 2023

Coronel assumes a fault with his son and cries out for news of forgiveness

Tertillo (José de Abreu) ​​knew that. accident (Renato Joss) and Jose/Ze Paulino Sergio Goesi would have been afraid to reveal that they were brothers Sertau Sea. The colonel will now have to fight to get along with his children. Your first step yet recover from piripaque What you need to do is search for Tertulinho to explain himself in the Globo series Six O’Clock.

In his quest to repair the damage his lie has caused to the lives of the two heirs, the Colonel will pursue the son of Diodora (Deborah Bloch), who will be increasingly revolted by the revelation.

In the following chapters of the novel, the Colonel visits the spoiled man to try to console him. “Tertolinho, I need a conversation with you, my son. I was wrong with you, my son, I was wrong with Ze Paulino… I was wrong in life. I was the one who made you be so, bitter, vengeful man…”, he will say, Move.

However, Tertulinho will not react. still shaking He almost killed his brother at least twiceYou will hear the father’s outburst in silence. Since he found out about his family’s dirty secrets, Kandoka Isadora Cruz is a real mess.

The colonel will be out of balance with the condition of his son, who does not seem to react. The whole time Tertúlio will be there, the snooty man will lie motionless above the bed. “Oh, son, you don’t deserve your father. Good night!” He said goodbye, not knowing what to say.

Written by Mario Teixeira and directed by Alan Fetterman, Mar do Sertão airs at 6 p.m. on Globo. The flyer will be replaced with full loveDuca Rechid and Julio Fischer conspiracy, March 20.

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