January 29, 2023
"could cause problems";  Dorival Jr's 'turmoil' and Vitor Pereira's advertising history revealed at Flamengo

“could cause problems”; Dorival Jr’s ‘turmoil’ and Vitor Pereira’s advertising history revealed at Flamengo


Being careful not to get a headache, the council is already working out a plan at Rubro-Negro

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF - Dorival Cannes "distribute" by the board.
Photo: Ettore Chiereguini / AGIF – Dorival was “fired” by the board of directors.

The 2022 season started in a complicated way Flamingo, with Paulo Souza not being able to sparkle in the eyes of the fans, to the point where he has faced numerous criticisms since hitting his stride in Rio de Janeiro. In this way, the council chose to settle the matter with Dorival Júnior, who quickly put the house in order and won two important titles.

However, at the end of the last round of the Brazilian championship, The renewal of the contract, which was expected by many, did not happen, which caused the departure of the coachwho said an official goodbye about a week ago, stating that he was glad he had passed, but that the board of directors would have made the decision to end the “partnership”:

“From a financial point of view, renewal will not be a problem. The Board understood that it was time for a change and I respect that. I leave here a thank you to the players and club staff who make our daily lives so light. I carry in my heart the full story and sharing of each and every one of you who, sometimes without having anywhere to take it from them, are there cheering. He made Flamengo feel stronger and stronger and fight for the best positions.”The coach said in one of the excerpts.

to your place, Mais Querido is very close to bring Vítor Pereira, who recently left Corinth, but did a good job there. However, The announcement of the arrival of the Portuguese raised some doubtsprecisely because it could cause uneasiness among the people in São Paulo, because the justification for the closure was that there were family problems.

According to Globo Esporte, Employment confirmation should be done by next weekHowever, the club will be careful in its statements, explaining that there is “an agreement to sign the contract on January 1, 2023.” This is due to the fact that the contract of Vítor Pereira and Dorival Júnior is valid until December 31, that is, any wrong move can cause problems and lead to legal damages.