November 30, 2023
Could humans be descended from sharks?  Find it here!

Could humans be descended from sharks? Find it here!

Recently, shortly after the discovery of an Paleozoic fossil recovered from an archaeological site in Shijian County, Guizhou Province, southern ChinaScientists have revealed that it is ancient Shark With spines and bony shields it could be the oldest human ancestors. With this discovery, scientists have come to understand and believe in the existence of human sharks. This is correct!

In honor of the city of Fanjingshan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the fossil was named “Fanjingshan RenovataThe shark, with its bony armor and double spines, escapes all types of fish and sharks that scientists have encountered thus far.

Human sharks, as they are called, are to date one of the many discoveries that shocked scientists and that, according to them, could bring humans closer to life. aquatic life.

Many view this revelation of the possibility of humans descending from sharks as amusing. That’s because, not long ago, beachgoers in Florida were surprised by the appearance of three sharks over Memorial Day weekend.

There is a video showing people and sharks meeting, and the reaction of attendees was not panic, but pure euphoria and shock, as people were quick to refer to the aquatic fish as “severed hammerhead sharks.”

The sharks were spinning next to the swimmers’ boat, trying to get closer and closer to the people. If humans are indeed descendants of sharks, how can the predator-prey relationship that we certainly have with these aquatic animals be explained? Would humans even fear their ancestors?

As interesting and funny as this discovery sounds, studies show that there is still a lot of research to be done. Sharks in Fanjingshan belong to a group of animals known for their cartilages rather than their bones.

According to a study by IFLScience, the hypothesis is that with the unusual traits that Fanjingshan possesses, they can help Scientists to explain “Early evolutionary branch of early meniscus”.

The findings are important to help us understand more about these fish, as well as the countless other species found in this vast aquatic universe.

University of Birmingham researcher Dr. Ivan J. Sansom, concluded that the discovery raises questions about current models. He also stated that the discovery would cause a “Significant impact” In the history and early research of the first vertebrates.

Ultimately, these findings are intriguing and only through a lot of research will it be possible to tell if humans are, in fact, descended from sharks.